Odd Thing in the Cupboard, a Progression Post

Odd Thing in the Cupboard

So, the theme for a team challenge at Etsy was “The Thing in the Cupboard” – and this is what happened. I wasn’t too happy with the sketch but I didn’t have another idea immediately, so I just kept at it. Here’s the unimpressive sketch:

In the Cupboard, Sketch

I don’t even know what that is.  Some kind of lopsided, gypsy-styled, alchemy chest (with a vaguely steampunk hat on top) – a thing with potential but poorly executed. And why is it in the corner of the kitchen? The whole thing got worse before it got better, with a bit of color. (Copic markers and pens, of course).

In the Cupboard, Color 1

So, I used a ruler for the cabinet/counter, but didn’t use any rulers for inking. Which shows. I know it. Maybe next time I’ll go with the ruler. But with more color and more detail it was beginning to have a little personality.

In the Cupboard, Color 2

And then more detail.  I particularly like (as I’ve said a few times), fine details in colors similar to the background color. There is probably a better, simpler and/or more technical way to say that (Feel free to share, if you know it!).

I have a fair number of colored fine liners.  I have the primary Copic colors mostly, but also some Micron and Prismacolor fine liners.  I need a few more colors.

In the Cupboard, Color 3

I have to say I am a big fan of these colors.  I wish the scans were more consistent, but that’s mainly user error. Even so, I’m so pleased I have this scanner (acquired recently for a very reasonable price, though it only does letter size) because, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, I love progression picture posts!

(Click to Enlarge)

An Odd Thing in the Cupboard or, Attempts to Avert Crockery Disaster

The spotted critter on the left, a Leaper named Cymbal, is the familiar of a very accomplished conjurer. She has quite a few magical skills of her own, and so is not particularly unnerved by the unusually large reptile materializing out of the kitchen cupboard.  In fact, she is not even remotely unnerved by these developments because this particular reptile is only the third largest creature to materialize in the kitchen this month.

For the creature, however, it can be a bit of a shock to find oneself in a stranger’s kitchen, and Cymbal wants to try and sooth the beast before he starts pulverizing the crockery. Cymbal’s job involves far more unglamorous crockery cleanup than she would prefer.

13 thoughts on “Odd Thing in the Cupboard, a Progression Post

  1. Kathy Jeffords

    I like seeing the progression from sketch to finish piece. I typically don’t sketch and just make it up as I go along (which is a lot easier to do digitally than with acrylics or pens!) so it’s neat to see it when other artists do.

    Out of curiosity, if you don’t mind my asking, what team is this for? I love challenges.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I don’t mind! The Team is Doodlers Doing Doodles, and is probably 4-5 months old. As you find with many teams, there is a smallish group that is very active (very nice folks! we have a Porch Party with free coffee and art supplies, a swing, and a tent on the lawn!), and a lot of other folks who only post rarely, usually in the New Items thread. I shall send you an invite so you can join or not join, as you like. Also, thank you so much for dropping in and leaving nice comments. :D

  2. Gay

    How gorgeously exotic! Does your house look like this? I wish mine did. I think your beast is an Australian water dragon. He is looking for the kitchen sink. Cymbal looks very capable of handling him and just needs to wrangle him into the sink, where he can stay submerged for up to 30 minutes. The thingy that Cymbal is perching on is probably a piece of furniture specific to conjurors. The subconscious knows what it’s for.

  3. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thank you, Garth!

    Holy cow, Gay sighting! I thought you’d left to live with the wombats. (No, not really.) I wish my house looked like this. I think I’d be less tired. And more inspired. And then I’d have to change things up so I didn’t start to take it all for granted.

    Oh my! Let us hope that Cymbal possesses even a hint of your most excellent Australian wildlife knowledge. She does not look worried.

  4. Carol

    I rather like it ~ just the way it is ~ Free! ~ Great job! very creative ~ namaste, thanks for coming by my blog ~ ^_^ ~ Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey.

  5. PiaD

    Ooh your critters are GOOD. I see your style in a huge size on the wall of a dentist’s waiting room. With stuff going on to keep your eyes busy long long time.

  6. Manni

    I Love to see your work in progress. You have a great imagination with your story too. Have you ever thought of writing a childrens book.
    I like that you’ve drawn your lines freehand too.

  7. The Beast Tender Post author

    Carol, thank you! Thanks to everyone who took the time, it’s so nice!

    Leslie, Wocket in my Pocket is one I never read but I’ll have to take a look (My absolute favorites were: The Sleep Book and Happy Birthday to Me)

    PiaD – great idea! I hate going to a dentist with no pictures to look at (especially on the ceiling. They should always have a calm scene on the ceiling!)

    Manni, thank you so much! And yes, I am hoping to put together a book (a series of pictures/portraits and their individual stories) this winter when work is slower. :)

  8. Ces

    I know, right? I sometimes post a few hours after the prompt and boy, there are already so many before me. I love reading the progression of this illustration. How very interesting. I agree, dogs are great. My son is a habitual rescuer. Ugh! He recently brought home a second dog. Sigh. Oh well, they bring us joy. Thank you for your visits and comments.

  9. Wendy

    I love seeing the progression of your work, and love the designs you put in things.
    (like the swirls on you monsters and dog, in the next post, and just all the little designs in the cupboard and such in this.)
    thanks for dropping by my blog.
    you are inspirational.

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