Illustration Friday – Shadow Puppets and a Wild Imagination

It’s Illustration Friday again. Today, in fact, and the topic is “Scary”. As I begin this post, there are already 153 entries on the list. Yikes! I didn’t actually check last time – (last week – Fuel – being my first IF week, woooo!). Last week I did my illustration on Saturday. But this week, because I have other plans for Saturday, I started when I got home from work and now I am done. (I think some of it must be the enthusiasm of a noob. I’m ok with that.)

Not the Shadows She Expected

Last week, the topic inspired a drawing that in turn inspired a little story with a lot of potential. This week, the topic inspired some stylistic choices outside my standard repertoire (darker colors – though maybe not even dark enough for shadows, and people – I have a hard time doing people!  I have cleverly avoided having to do the face, as you can see). I’ve yet to declare a verdict on its success (or lack thereof).  I’m leaning toward “lack thereof” but I did do a few new effects I rather like and will use again.


Shadows and Imagination Sketch

Shadows and Imagination Color 1

Shadows and Imagination Color 2

Not the Shadows She Expected

Original 8″ x 10″ Illustration with Copic Markers and pens on Illustration board. The background and a few minor adjustments were done digitally. I was going to scrawl some text across the dark spots, something like:

“Stop trying to scare the dog!”

“Oh my god I’m not trying to scare the dog!”

Aren’t dogs the best? (If you happen to need a dose of the cutest dog on the planet, feel free to look at a few choice photos of Wilson, a.k.a. Boo.)

25 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Shadow Puppets and a Wild Imagination

  1. Genevice_G

    It’s amazing what you’re able to achieve digitaly! Love your colors! Funny how we both came up with scared dog!? Must be in the air…. Dogs are the best! Thanks for droping by my blog!

  2. Abby

    I really enjoy your vibrant colors and subjects! “Enthusiasm of a noob” -Ha! Well, I don’t think I’m an IF noob anymore, but I know I’m always excited to see the new prompt each Friday!

  3. Gay McKinnon

    Hey Cindy, good that you’ve discovered I.F.! I really like this one – the dark background makes the bright colours glow like stained glass. Boy does that dog have good posture!!

  4. essalee

    I like the bold colours and patterns you mix in there. Neat to see the steps you take to the finished product.

  5. JT

    How lovely! This is an excellent illustration. The creativity and imagination in the girls mind is great!
    Or IS it in her mind? :)

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