Wilson the Snackmaster

Update:  August 23, 2014

Wilson got a haircut!

Wilson Got a Haircut, August 2014

Here is the subject with his best “I need a snack or I will perish” look. (Not to be confused with the “I need a snack or I may faint” look or the “If you don’t give me a snack, you’re a bad person” look.)

So, back in August, 2011 I posted about a new obsession with big nose animal photography.  You might think that’s not a thing, and maybe it isn’t officially or anything, but it is a thing for which you can find many representations.  A small sampling here:

Big Are the Noses post

Anyway, living with a real beast in addition to all the imaginary ones, it seemed clear I needed to add some big nose animal photography of my own.  Or at least, attempts at big nose animal photography.  Should you venture same, please be careful of flashes going off in your beast’s eyes. Mostly I took mine outside in the sun.

Wilson in the Backyard, August 2011

Yes, that is my arm reflected in his eye.  I had to get close for the nose shot!

Wilson Getting Slightly Annoyed by Attempts at Nose Shots

Yes he is the cutest ever.  A Lhasa Apso/King Charles Cavalier mix. About 8.5 years. Available for limited fashion photography.  All payment in high quality snacks (and nifty perks for his human companions).  Thank you.

Wilson Big Nose

Wilson Surveys His Kingdom

Happy Dog

His vet says he has great teeth!  Thank you to 1-2 Teeny Greenies per day.

13 thoughts on “Wilson the Snackmaster

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  2. Nith

    Cutest dog evah! I thought he was gonna be a HUGE lab with a name like that. P.S. He needs a monacle

  3. Meran

    btw, to get a ‘real’ big nose, use a fish eye lens… or the digital equivalent :D
    You can really distort the image nicely!


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