Shouting Fox for “Vocal” at Illustration Friday

Shouting Fox, 8x10 Pen and Ink

Illustration Friday again! Hooray! This week the topic is “Vocal”. A couple more incarnations (in chronological order!):

Fortunately all three of these great quotes include the “AAAAAHHH” that makes it work with the wide open mouth.

When I read the topic for this week, I thought I would search yawning animal photos for ones that looked like they could be shouting. That led me to this great specimen:

The Ninety Degree Yawn by Andrew Salveson

Which led to these:

Shouting Fox Sketch

Shouting Fox Ink


Shouting Fox Frisket

Shouting Fox Color 2

Shouting Fox Color 3

Shouting Fox Color 4

I deliberately left a much finer outline than my normal, because I am usually too heavy on the outline. In this case instead of the 3.0 I probably could have gone with a 5.0 multiliner, but I decided to stop here. Of course the frame and text are digital, and the rest is Copic markers, multiliners and Micron fine liners. The font is Bolton Light.

Thank you for stopping in!

55 thoughts on “Shouting Fox for “Vocal” at Illustration Friday

  1. Abby

    Great idea for the topic and wonderful illustration as always. I love all of the different “vocalizations” – ha!

  2. bella sinclair

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! You have me smiling big! This is fantastic and soooo expressive. Love it!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I’m so glad some people are liking the quotes. I wasn’t sure quite if they were too obvious or silly but I got a kick out of remembering them. And thank you for the great comments!

  3. Minnemie Murphy

    The thicker outline has never bothered me, but I do like the subtlety of the thinner line! You are a master of colors, Cindy! Confession: I often come here to see which colors contrast well/work well together. There you have it: you are my color wheel:-)

  4. Scott DuBar

    Beautiful work! Now I have Jimi Hendrix in my head. I think it was a good call to use the finer pen. It puts the focus more on the colors and patterns.

  5. Dan Barrett

    This turned out great. I think that the KHAAAANN! is my favorite. That’s a really funny idea.

    I like the color scheme, but my only critique is that the orange circle with the white dots in the middle unfortunately conjure images of pustules or zits.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Haha, I can see that. I wasn’t totally in love with the circles in circles, so you likely won’t see them again. (Well, you might. I shouldn’t make promises about these things!)

  6. Amalou

    I’m so glad my arm isn’t in there, those teeth look deadly! Great choice for vocal. I love that curly tongue, nicely done.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! So nice to hear and thanks to everyone for all the great comments! I really appreciate all of them.

  7. Irina Lib

    Wow. That is fantastic. I love the thinner outline for this particular piece – the choice of colors maintains the contrast well. Great job!

  8. Ruth

    Wonderful fox. I could only see the first one when I came here and thought Stella was a great quote, and then I saw the others. Fun. I love the stories that come with all of your work.

  9. Creations By Mit

    Fabulous fox, Cindy!! As always, great texture & color palette! This guy’s loaded with personality! I like the line weight, & did not see pustules, but rather eye balls! :)

  10. Gay McKinnon

    This is really strong and a bit scary. He really looks like he’s shouting! I love the conversion from photo to final artwork … the use of the reference picture really strengthens it. BEAUTIFUL work! Hope you had a nice Easter. I went cycling and saw platypuses (platypi? I dunno) and bright yellow worms, gathered edible orange fungi, and got caught in a blizzard (luckily in the car, not on the bike). BTW have you done a platypus yet? They would look good with the Cindy treatment.

  11. Leslie White

    That’s the biggest yawn I’ve ever seen! …except those photos of hippos with their mouths agape! Good job, Cindy. I like your creativity and what you can do with a photo reference to make the image your own.

  12. angel

    Heehee, snort, hahhaaa!
    That is one satisfying yawn in the original picture.
    You’re hilarious.
    I like the darker line just as much as the thinner but what I really love is your color work. Always interesting and intriguing.
    Nice one!

  13. Melissa Mcclanahan

    Awesome process! (and I love the different “takes”) Love the style, very decorative and intricate.

    In the springtime, you can hear foxes ‘bark’ in the middle of the night. It is the most scary/horrible sound you can hear at about 3 am…

  14. jwczyk

    Love the colors! I hope I can get that comfortable at combining so many different patterns and vibrant colors. Great work!

  15. mardi speth

    This piece is so dynamic, Cindy. The palette and patterns play really well together, and also the circular swills are a nice contrast to the angular lines of the fox. REALLY nice!

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