Elephant Shrew Urn Artifact for Monday Artday

Copic Markers and Multiliners, on Canson 150 lb. Fanboy Paper, with digital background and text added at the end.

The topic is Ancient Artifact at Monday Artday. To me that meant: 1. something decorative, and 2. with animals. I wanted to actually limit the color palette (rather than intend to and not do it), and also see if I could avoid my usual thick black outlines. And now, a super neat progress slideshow (my second!):

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

Row one:  1. Boring urn with fancy handles; 2. a hare (they are cool!), and then something with a long nose for a handle (sort of) – elephant shrew?; 3. better elephant shrew is also GIANT elephant shrew. 4. replace lid with something simple (ugh lots of eraser marks – I really should try to keep a lighter touch). 5. Another different top. Needed stuff coming out. Boyfriend came by to ask why I put a bunch of tiny legs in there! I guess I was thinking sticks. 6. Inked in red ink because I decided to go with  browns and reds.

Row two: 7. Masquepen stage on body of urn; 8. Ooh, golden browns, how I love them. Am I a pro at shading? Not by a long shot, but doing ok. 9. Brown pen outline. I thought about stopping right here. Really! 10. I was worried about adding the red because I was liking just the browns, but I like the way the red contributed. Also went back over the outlines with a very tiny black multiliner – 0.03. 11. Needed some more design on the main part of the urn. 12. Swirly bits – hooray! Adds a bit of depth.

Row three: 13. This is what the actual page looks like, all Copics (and a couple Micron pens). I did a very pale swirl on the rabbit and tried yellow on the shrew but you can barely see it (which is fine). 14. Digital background in vibrant blue, the color I was going to do with Copics (but at the last moment I decided against using all the marker it would have needed); 15. Slightly mysterious (?) black with pinkish clouds. I wanted to do something dark and “serious” and add a kind of museum tag to the bottom. 16. The end!

Thanks to everyone for the insanely nice comments lately. So thrilled people like to look at these things. ;)

18 thoughts on “Elephant Shrew Urn Artifact for Monday Artday

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Haha, thank you so much! I would visit you back but you did not leave an address!

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    It glows! I think using the brown liner is a big success. Overall it looks like one of those odd antiquities that make you wonder about the people who made it. Cool!

    I really appreciated the slide show this time. It’s perfect for demonstrating the progression.

  2. Kim Holt

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. After seeing what you do with Copic markers and the great patterns you have created I was inspired to purchase some. Great style!

  3. Ces

    Wow! You sure make the ordinary into SPECIAl. I really had to read the post to understand because at first I was so surprised to see something ancient look so modern. Hahaha! You are very clever. I love this.

  4. Beth Parker

    Oh Cindy, I love the limited pallet. I am also a fan of these golden colors!! Your boyfriend cracks me up. My hubby comes up with stuff like that, too. Funny! I really love looking at your art! This is amazing!!!

  5. Sylvia Liu

    I love this piece. I’ve been thinking of trying Copic markers based on your blog, but then I tell myself that I’m still figuring out the media I do work with.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I know what you mean! I am going to do some acrylics any day now but in addition to the initial costs of buying paints and canvas, the thought of tackling a new medium while I’m still trying to master the last one seems crazy.

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