Bilbies and the Corn Cob Pipe, for Illustration Friday

Bilbies and Corn Cob Pipe, Copic Markers, 9" x 6"

In exchange for keeping the cottage free of insects and slugs, Cachimbo* the Corncob Pipe Maker always left a row of fresh kernels on a new pipe as a treat for his friendly rare green bilbies. The mom, an 8-yr old named Daisy, always let the little ones go first. This little one is Jade. Her brother Jasper is napping at the moment after having spent the morning chasing down a spider. (He got it.)

Several missteps with this one. I mean really, a brown and pink pipe stem the same color as the floor? A bilby too close to the color of the wall? Yikes. I always think I know what colors I’m going to use, but then sometimes I get a wild hair and grab something different. Ah, well. My last post is a recent favorite, the Shrew Hare Urn, in case you missed it! (I stuck to my original colors and it worked out just like I hoped.)

Another slideshow with lots of sketches. You will see I tried a few different tacks with the color of the main bilby. I really should have stopped messing with it about step 12 or 13. And a better composition would put the baby facing in toward mom.  Next time! ;)

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

Not going to bore you with details about the steps (but feel free to ask anything in the comments!) I will add more details for the next one I really like.

Thank you for visiting! You guys are the best.


*Cachimbo means “pipe” in Portuguese (according to an online dictionary).


32 thoughts on “Bilbies and the Corn Cob Pipe, for Illustration Friday

  1. Claire Wildish

    You have a great style. I love your quirky animals and there beautiful textured furs.The story for this illustration is great and I love that we only get part of it in the illustration. I’m having fun imagining the other little bilby have a snooze after his busy morning.

  2. Linda Hensley

    The green bilby shows up fine against the green wall, at least on my computer. Maybe a stronger shadow on the floor would help make the pipe stem stand out better? Very cute in any case!

  3. Abby

    Aha, I wondered if anyone would do a corn cob pipe! I love yours and the story of leaving a row of kernels for the bilbies!

  4. Denise

    Your pipe and mom are so much fun…! It is hard to do so much texture work then to add colour in the mix makes your work truly impressive. Always an inspiration in design, texture, a feast in colours.
    Try doing a tracing paper overlay for colours as a simple test first. An extra step, but may save later. love how you do slide show. The story just makes it all fit.

  5. eilish

    LOvely composition.I love the way you show how you do it too!What is a corn cob pipe?

  6. Rod MacGregor

    I think the composition works like this…with the little beast facing the same looks like they’ve just arrived or a queue is formed.I also never heard of a corn cob pipe…learn something each day at The slumbering heard!

  7. Theo Padavano

    I like the subtle color differences between the wall and the Bilbies and the pipe stem and floor. I think those Bilbies would desire a litle camouflage anyway. Wonderful illustration!

  8. mardi speth

    Your fancy creatures are so delightful, Cindy. Although you’re not satisfied with the composition, I think it works well. The eye movement goes from momma to baby, down the row of light kernels, across the stem of the pipe and back to momma. The circular path keeps the viewer roving ’round and ’round, and enjoying all your delicate patterns. (We’re always our own worst critic.)
    It’s wonderful!

  9. angel

    I see the Mommy just fine, she pops on my screen. The pipe handle does sort of blend – but it’s still beautiful.
    Again, another fun idea and creation.
    And WOW, I love the Shrew Hare Urn!

  10. Ann

    Love Love it! once again your textures just blew my socks off! I had to go out and get those markers and see what all the fun is about.Good stuff! Very cool details! :D

  11. Ann

    Thanks so much for letting me know about the . on my blog comment. I was wondering why people have not come to visit. At least that is a good excuse. Right! :) Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me! You r the best! :)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      No problem, I try to make sure everyone’s links work. It’s why he have em!

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