Crossroads Mash-up for Illustration Friday

Crossroads Mash-up for Illustration Friday, Copic Markers and Pens
with a bit of digital correction, digital sky

The topic is “Lost” at Illustration Friday. This is an artist’s rendering of a place mentioned in two ancient and magical texts. A place where a lost person might find themselves, waking from a daydream, if the planets are aligned just so. Which direction would you choose?

Not so much in the way of Copic marker technique, but a lot of sketching and deciding and arranging and erasing. I’m calling it a mash-up because some of these things are not like the others! But I thought it was a fun and silly collection of magical places. And a bit of hand drawn text, though next time perhaps the styles could be varied more in both size and style.

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Crossroads Mash-up Key:

1. Asgard, home of the Norse gods; 2. Emerald City, in the Land of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road; 3. Cloudsdale, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, home of the pegasus ponies; 4. Camelot, home of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, 5. The Shire, home to the Hobbits from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings; 6. Pepperland, home of the Blue Meanies from the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine; 7. Narnia, found through a door in the back of a wardrobe, from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series; 8. Wonderland, from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; 9. the Tollbooth, gateway to the Kingdom of Wisdom from The Phantom Tollbooth (and there is Tock the dog, waiting to join you!).

36 thoughts on “Crossroads Mash-up for Illustration Friday

  1. Beth Parker

    Cindy, this is amazing!!!! I have to own this one! (Or a print of it would be good, too) Will it be in your Etsy shop? Being a sign lady, I think this needs to be in my sign shop lobby! Email me and let me know if it (or a print) will be for sale, okay? I really LOVE it!! Cute!

    Beth :)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks Beth! I wonder if the text would be a problem with a print, even with super high resolution? Particularly because it is not all perfectly clear to start with. I will look into it. ;)

  2. Mom

    Another winner by the good notes from your e-mailers – you know I’m prejidiced!! Where do you find the time!!??
    Love, Mom

  3. Minnemie Murphy

    Ahhh, this is a hard choice! My boys are on their way to Camelot, but for me it is a hard toss-up between Narnia and The Shire… So I’ll just sit a while with the clock-dog and stay lost a little longer…:-)

  4. mardi speth

    Holy cow, you’ve been busy Cindy! I leave for a week and you have, like, 16 new works. Your post is a fun change from your usual subject matter, but I see you couldn’t help but include a canine companion for the weary road traveler. Me? I’m headed to Pepperland (the submarine is my favorite detail, BTW). Also, I like the arrows that come out of the picture plane. Where are you headed?

  5. Leslie White

    This is an awesome creation, Cindy. It reminds me of a book I had to purchase at Borders, years ago, titled “The Dictionary of Imaginary Places”. I can’t tell you the hours I have sat and perused the listings in that book. Your creation, above, begins many stories! Wonderful!

  6. S. D. Brown

    Wow, really impressive!! I love how each arrow is expressive and unique to the destination (I’m sure I would have gone for the lazy route and drawn them all the same). Very well done!!

  7. crotchety comics

    Yes, I was lost at first, but soon I figured it out:

    I would drink the Tea (hopefully coffee) first, then head directly to the Shire.

    This is a cool piece, Cindy.

  8. Laurie Conley

    This is a really great looking piece! I love the colors. What a cute idea, and you obviously put a lot of thought, imagination and design into the execution. Everything balances out perfectly. I really like the effect you got with the sky too!

  9. Alicia

    Cindy, I love that you changed things up a bit here in your subject matter. I think IF provides a great step away from our usual… Really great and lots of fun to spend time with wondering about which destination holds the most promise for the viewer. Your thought to change up the text on each sign a bit would strengthen it even more. Very nice!

  10. michele

    Cindy, i love sign posts…and this is a fun one. i’d like to be off to Camelot as that story always fills me with wonder. Thanks for your wonderful style and interpretation, always inspiring!

  11. Karen Sagovac

    Ha this is hilariously whacky! Poor little dog looks completely lost with all those signs and different ways to go. Unfortunately you forgot the sign for the Land of Lost Socks (oh yeah thats right – only Phoebe knows where it is…)? Think I’d choose Cloudsdale – sounds pretty good to me…

  12. nik

    Ha! All my favorite places! Except for Cloudsdale…I missed that whole Little Pony phenomenon. Pegasus, yes, Little Ponies, uh uh.
    So where’s the Tour Bus? I would like a window seat please if possible. I will bring Twizzlers and many Dr. Peppers and a compass if it would help. :)

  13. carolmarden

    What a fun illustration! It’s a bit different from your usual stuff, though it’s got your usual wonderful colors and design — and that hint of story that pulls the viewer in. I especially love your yellow submarine.

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