No Room at the Couch Part II, Copic Markers

Cow, Donkey, Cat, Dog, Shrew with Couch in Copics 8 x 10

The topic is “Nursery Rhyme” for Monday Artday. Until I looked it up just now to link it, I was sure it was “Fairytale”, so that will explain what comes next. (There could very well be a nursery rhyme about this story and I hope Mike at Monday Artday will be ok with that.) :D

McCalls Books, The Enchanted Princess & The House in the Forest

I wanted to do another pile of animals and I remembered a story called “The House in the Forest“, which was part of McCall’s Storytime Treasury series. Do you remember those? (It goes back to the 70s! But maybe you got some hand-me downs. Ours went to a second cousin. I may have to reacquire some.)

In any case, though I could not find a summary of the story (and my memory is a bit hazy), it was about a girl who lived in a house in the forest with all her animals. One night a magical guest disguised as a beggar came to test her, to see if she would feed herself before she fed her animals. She had a cow, a dog, a cat, a donkey… I think! She almost certainly did not have an elephant shrew in the original (but clearly should have). I don’t know if she had such a fancy couch. Probably not. I’m not sure there was any delivery service for one thing, and she wouldn’t have been able to afford it if so.

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Thank you for visiting! This is my second consecutive couch full of creatures. I was actually going to do these all in blue but decided on browns and I think blue would have been better. I also considered some fancy detail on the couch but worried that would take the focus off the critters. More outlandish experiments coming soon.

Cow face reference photo, sleeping cat reference.

13 thoughts on “No Room at the Couch Part II, Copic Markers

  1. Linda Cash

    This is brilliant! I love the expressions on the animals faces and how you have grouped them all. It is so fascinating seeing how you work as well. I so admire the way you handle the copics. I’m still learning.

  2. Laurie Conley

    I love your piles of animals! And it’s fun to see your process too. I keep thinking I want to post process but I never remember to save the steps as I go!

  3. Beth Parker

    Awwwwww! I love this one, too! You really do have a magical sense of whimsy, Cindy! I love looking at your art!! You have a gift for animal posture and pose, too!!

  4. nicky linzey

    Crikey – I’ve only been away for 2 weeks and I’ve missed so much. Love this, it’s their expresssions – just like my little dog when he’s on the sofa.

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