Three Beastly ATCs – Llama, Horse, Sheep

Fuzzy Green Llama ATC, Copic Markers


This evening I was inspired to complete some Artist Trading Cards because I have joined a new community called  IllustratedATCs and it is all about trading art by mail. They do lots of stuff besides the ATCs, like moleskin journal swaps and inchies and twinchies and holy cow, tons of stuff. They have provided a helpful list of definitions (thank goodness).

I think I saw their link initially through someone at Illustration Friday, but I don’t remember! You have to apply and whoa, there are some seriously cool (and many professional) artists there. I got accepted (it takes 3-4 days), but then I was instantly intimidated. Super nice folks so far, though.  They have another site called ATCs for All where there is no application and everyone is welcome to join.

Horse with Blue Swirl Sky ATC, Copic Markers

I am pretty happy with all three, though the horse in particular is sort of caught between cartoonish and realistic as if I could not choose which way to go. I really like the blue sky on that one, achieved with the help of a Masquepen.

Pink Orange Sheep ATC, Copic Markers


Both the llama and sheep were done on top of light-colored swirly backgrounds also done using a Masquepen. I worked on all of them over the course of a few hours, doing some reading and IF visiting in between.

Thanks so much to everyone who visits! All comments welcome, of course. (Except spam.)

Llama reference

Horse reference

Sheep reference


9 thoughts on “Three Beastly ATCs – Llama, Horse, Sheep

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    Hi! Just yesterday I was just looking at the Steampunk Llama I purchased from you and thinking how happy I was to own it. I love seeing your take on all the different critters that wander into your imagination. These are a good-looking trio as well. I’m particularly fond of the Llama, but the horse really caught my eye with his arched neck, strong jaw, and soulful look – not to mention the magenta mane!

    Oh! I was also looking at the “Beasts” you gave me. Still love those guys!!!

  2. Beth Parker

    These are all wonderful, Cindy! My favorite is that adorable sheep! I wish I still had time for exchanges and such. I’ve done a lot of them and they were really fun! I have art from all over the world, too, thanks to these swaps. Way cool!

  3. clara nilles

    Adorable…..your swirls are back! Congrats for being chosen….I’ll have to check them out.
    I love the llama, my personal favorite from when I first found you on Etsy.

  4. Mom

    Congratulations on being accepted into the new “group”-love all your critters. Hugs, Mom

  5. Ann

    Oh my gosh! AWESOME my fav is the Llama! have wanted to do one for a while! All so great! well done u! Congrats on acceptance to the group! woo hoo! yay! pretty cool!

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