ATC Cats in Copics and Blog Award

Witch Cat, 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copic markers.

Selena is a water witch. She can cleanse a dirty well, draw the poison from a wound, and detect any trace of groundwater in a ten mile radius. She is rumored to have other, less savory skills, but only in the whispers of a jilted Tom.

I also thought it would be cool to see a row of ATC cats, due in part to the wild popularity (mild exaggeration) of my row of ATC sheep in this post. I seem to have a particular fondness for huge-eared Peterbald and Oriental Shorthair type cats (I always think that should say “Asian Shorthair”. Hmm.).

Five Cat ATCs, Copic markers. Left to Right: Peach Purple Peterbald Cat, Liam the Tree Tender,
Cat and Faerie (address tag card), Selena Witch Cat, Spook the Cat

And Another Thing

A big thanks to Linda Hensley for so kindly including me in her One Lovely Blog Award list. I couldn’t possibly pick seven favorite blogs to pass this along to, but I thought I could pick seven art blogs that are 1. lesser known, 2. posting consistently 3. not already in my sidebar. (Also that haven’t won this award recently, as far as I know.)

By the way, you should totally visit all those awesome blogs in my sidebar! But also these, on which I humbly bestow that small graphic called “One Lovely Blog Award”. And they will, if they choose, pass it along to seven blogs of their choice, too.

Sharon at Go see “A bird a day” and other strange and beautiful things.
Claire Wildish. Hilarious and goofy characters, sometimes with photo backgrounds.
Ana Menéndez Fuentes. Darkly stylish pop culture digital illustration.
Alicia Gorecki. Colored pencils on toned paper, so cool!
Roland Prinsler. Pen and Ink in a tornado.
Linda at dots ‘n’ doodles.  Wonderfully cheerful illustrations.
Leigh at Colorfulleigh. A new blog from a new friend at

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21 thoughts on “ATC Cats in Copics and Blog Award

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Oh, that would help! I think you just pick seven blogs of your choice and post about the award, and include their links! :)

  1. Leslie White

    Your cat paintings are SOOOOOO GOOD. I think what I like most about them are the slinky lines and turns you use to create them. I have always been a big fan of linework. Bravo, Cindy!

  2. nancy

    I really love it when you show the work in progress – it’s quite amazing to me how it all works out in the end! :D And I also like your “Imagination” tree – the underground reading room looks like something I’d like for myself ;) Congrats on the award!

  3. Beth Parker

    These cats are awesome, Cindy! I hope I can find some time to go blog hopping. Your selection looks like blogs I’d really enjoy! Congratulations on your award, too!

  4. nik

    They are all so intriguing and intense, surely sharing an unspoken knowledge of the mysterious undercurrents of the universe. And all quite mesmerizing!
    Congratulations on the award and thanks for the links to explore!
    I’m offering a tiny giveaway on my tiny blog for a Chocolate and Steel GC…please stop by if you get a chance. Cheers!

  5. Alicia

    JUST A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! It was such a busy week for me, and I am so very honored to have been chosen by you! Truly wonderful, thank you, I had a big week of honors last week having won first place from the city of Pasadena for a competition tied to the upcoming juried art walk I am participating in. You truly iced the cake for me, and please know my delay in responding to you in no way reflects how grateful I am. You are as wonderful as your work! ps I know you asked about my toned paper, It is much like the ton of brown paper bags, a heavy weight un-coated kraft like paper that holds up to any media I throw at it, ink, paint, oil acylic, pencil, printing you name it. I was lucky enough to get a ream of full sheets of it a couple years back and I LOVE it, although I don’t know the name of it:) Which I will have to solve someday as I will eventually run out!

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