Spirit of the Forest for Illustration Friday

Spirit of the Forest, Autumn
8 x 10 Copic Markers

For the topic “Wings” at Illustration Friday. The Autumn Spirit has one brother – the Spring Spirit, and they have two sisters, Summer and Winter.

I was afraid to color this because I really liked the sketch. This is a problem digital artists do not face! Also, the solid green in the background was not the best move. Arrgh.

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Fox reference photo.

40 thoughts on “Spirit of the Forest for Illustration Friday

  1. clara nilles

    VERY unusual and not your usual style. Love the the complementary colors with bold grey shadow…..and opposing textures. There is nice composition too….. is this your first fox illustration? Don’t believe I’ve ever seen another one from you……

  2. ruthsartwork

    He’s rather nice. He reminds me of the coyotes I heard just this morning. We don’t see fox very often even though I know they are around.

    Could you try a touch of orange in the green?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I may try that. I think part of my trouble with that big green shadow-like thing is the shape, too. I will have to think about it more!

  3. Elizabeth - Softpencil Studios

    WOW! I love it! love the fox and even the background! great work Cindy!!!

    I know what you mean about being afraid of coloring, that happened to me when I worked on colored pencils, backgrounds were a problem! but I think you did it very well! ;)

  4. minnemie

    The background happens to be my favorite green, and is complimented/contrasted well by the browns/oranges, so I find no fault there. But if you are brave enough to risk change, I agree with ruthsartwork that you may be pleased with a suggestion of orange here and there in the background. But again, I like it as is!

  5. Diana

    Thank you so much for the nice comment you made about my IF Wing submission (paper doll with wings). I really enjoy your illustration, particularly the colorful dogs, and I am very interested in trying the copic medium. I looked up the markers online and they are very expensive. Any suggestions on a good starter set and where to purchase? I noticed you live in Evanston (I am in Highland Park) … Did you purchase at Blick? Again, your work is really wonderful and I look forward to seeing your other creations!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Yes, I do purchase at Dick Blick. My suggestion to you, is to spend the $25 for a membership in-store which is good for a year and gives you 10% off non-sale items immediately. But the best part is the 40% off one non-sale item coupons that come in the mail at least once a month. I used one of those on an 8-pack of Copics at one point and if you don’t have any you could even get a larger set, though I built up my collection buying just a couple a week over more than a year. (I also started off with the Ciao size, which have the same brush tip but are smaller and less expensive.) My strategy was to start off with two main color families. I’m not an expert by any means, but feel free to drop a line if you have more questions.

      1. Diana

        Thank you! Went to blick today and purchased a set of 12 for $73 but had membership so received 10% off … Will be doodling with them tonight! Wish me luck.

  6. Gay McKinnon

    I think the colours turned out really well and very appropriately to the theme, and the subtle variation and texture on the wings is really gorgeous. But some time, if you don’t want to plunge into colour, why not try a black and white textured drawing? That could be really effective too.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I did think about that! But I couldn’t shake my idea about the autumn colors. One of these days I will have to do some black and whites. :)

  7. Charlotte

    I think the solid green adds a bit of relief to the illustration so I don’t think it’s a mistake at all. It really makes the delicate wings pop :)

  8. ALMI

    Whew! I’ve been way out of the IF game (and blogging world!) lately, but looks like you are still going strong! I actually think I disagree with you: the grey/green background makes the fox pop. I like the funky dimension it gives. You’ve been busy, though..and I LOVE your sunflower Princesses!

  9. Meran

    This one reminds me of my first ATC swap in which I made all my dogs, with wings.. yours, though, is more mystical, in a way I wish I’d been confident then.

    I’m happy to see this one. Makes me think of my now gone fur babies..

  10. Bella Sinclair

    Very cool and beautifully done! I really like the texture of his fur, and the wings are wonderfully detailed. And for what it’s worth, I think the green is a great complement! :)

  11. Leslie White

    I like the idea of the fox being the “Spirit of the Forest”, Cindy. They are so timid that it is rare I see one. My daughter has a family of fox living in the woods on her property. She has seen the Mother and the kits playing in the hayfield early mornings. Love the touch of wings!

  12. nik

    Ah, ’tis a fine and feisty feathered fellow. Magnificent and wise for his youth, perfectly colored and detailed in my most humble opinion. :)

  13. Sheri McClure Pitler

    Hooray! I’m subscribed again! I found the invitation stuck in my junkmail.

    As soon as I saw the fox in your (new-to-me) banner, I had to go looking for him. I love his color and texture and foxy demeanor. As for the background, maybe dark grey going to black? Or not! He is beautiful just the way he is.

    By the way, your Steam-punk Otter is looking down at me as I write this and sends his regards!

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