More Goofy Art Card Dogs in Copics

Clockwise from top left: Beatnik Bruce, Flower the Environmentalist, Eddison, Professor Gabriel Each 2.5" x 3.5" art cards. Copic markers on smooth Bristol.

Clockwise from top left:
Beatnik Bruce, Flower the Environmentalist, Eddison, Professor Gabriel
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ art cards. Copic markers on smooth Bristol.

Bruce started off as a hipster (in the sketch) but his Beat credentials have won out. He’s published three chapbooks of poetry and is a canine lit professor at a tiny liberal bark school.

Flower is an older student working towards a Masters in Environmental Law, and Gabriel was her Sociology 1200 professor. After completing the class, they began meeting socially for coffee.  I understand they are quite smitten with each other at this point.

Eddison is a bit of a mystery because he doesn’t say much. He keeps a beautiful garden however, and is rumored to have a slight crush on the local librarian.

Four new pups for my 30 Art Card dogs project. I am slowly replacing some of the older dogs with newer dogs that better reflect my current ability (and include more detail/accessories). Many of the pups are available in my shop, or possibly visiting for a while in my personal stash before they make it to the shop. ;)

Speaking of current ability, I thought I’d post some dogs from the very first art cards I did about two years ago, having just gotten back into drawing after many years away. Apparently I was quite fond of green backgrounds then!

Three Early Dog ATCs
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″, markers, pen and ink.

I’d say it’s quite a striking difference! Practicing does pay off people, so don’t give up! Lots of progress pics below. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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19 thoughts on “More Goofy Art Card Dogs in Copics

  1. Meran

    A ‘dog that likes to garden’? HAHAHA.. a digger, you mean ;) I’ve had those…

    Of course, his gardening may be tasting.. I have 3 of those at the moment. No apple is et before its time.. of delicate aroma.

    You just keep pouring these out, dontcha?? :D

  2. ruthsartwork

    Love the puppies. It is amazing to see how your style has progressed in 2 years. It is fun to see the refinement you developed. Your early works show where the charm of your the current work comes from.

    For a long time, I kept some of the original architecturals I did for my husband’s building new company in the early 80’s, just to remind myself how far I’d come. They were truly awful. Unfortunately, they were lost some time ago, probably in a move.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks, Ruth! It’s too bad you lost your older stuff. I would love to see more people post some Now vs. Then pics. :)

  3. Carol Samsel

    Loven all of your critters and their stories!!! Love see how much your art has evolved over the 2 years also. Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Sharon Wagner

    Your blog has gone to the dogs. But in a good way. I love your foxy i.f. post. It reminds me of the piece I pinned on pinterest. With the fox howling for Sparta. I love that one.

  5. clara nilles

    Love this set of four in spring colors. Favorite are Bruce and Flower… the long eyelashes.

    Yes….agree practice makes better…..there is a definite difference between older work and newer work. I see the difference in my own art too.


  6. hedwig

    These are great portraits! Together with the story’s they are real personality’s. I like dogs and I like your dogs for sure! Flower and the professor look like my two companions.

  7. minnemie

    Cindy, your words are as clever as your art! Love the “small liberal bark school” detail. LOVE the intellectual twist on this group:-)The glasses rock!

  8. Kathi

    Your art is AMAZING!!! And you can tell the Copic peeps that because of you I just sprinted down to Michaels crafts store in Carrollwood, Fl and purchased my FIRST SET (6 pc. set, sketch markers)!!! Tell them to send ya some schwag cuz I never would have known this medium existed before if I didn’t stumble upon your art on Etsy!!!! Trying them tonight! Thank you for your art, it makes this bland, stuffy world explode with color and excitement!!! (Now who’s the word dork… :):):):)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Wow, that’s quite a lot of compliments. Thank you very much! Now come back and leave a blog address so I can visit back. ;P

  9. Nicky Linzey

    I love Eddison best and how you’ve described him. Fascinating to see your progression, but then you work so hard and are very prolific. You’re right about practice!

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