Art Card Dogs in Many Colors

Astro Dog and Pierce with Pipe
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ art cards. Copics, pens, gel pen.

Astro was teased for a few years at school until it became clear the girls thought his flowered ears were adorable. He had a lot of attractive lady friends! Finally he settled down with a pink dog called Sophie who shared his love of classical music and mud baths (not necessarily together – but sometimes).

Pierce is a (little bit of a) snob. He wouldn’t even give me two minutes to answer a few questions for this bio! Handsome devil, though. It’s probably what led to his bad attitude. Or perhaps he’s painfully shy. In which case it wasn’t nice of me to call him a snob. Not nice at all.

Rollo the Skeptic and Walter the Scrivener
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ art cards. Copics, pen, gel pen.

Rollo is not a professional skeptic, but he has always been suspicious of food and his food bowl. Have you ever known one of those dogs who won’t eat anything until he’s sniffed at it for a minute? Rollo’s like that, except he will sniff it for much longer. And if it’s big enough, he will carry it around for a while too. Drool is usually involved.

Walter has taken the name “Walter the Scrivener”. He hasn’t actually read “Bartelby the Scrivener”, but he likes the idea of a quiet individual working at a serious, if repetitive, job. It’s a bit of a secret identity, really. Everyone should have a secret identity.

I’ve been trading away SO many cards that I decided recently to put more in my shop, which is where all these went! I’ve been experimenting with the eyes for dramatic effect, with some success, but still working on it.  Thanks for visiting!

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22 thoughts on “Art Card Dogs in Many Colors

  1. nini

    Whoa! I love Walter. I think his secret identity is an artist. And I really like Astro’s big nose and adorable flowered ears. The eyes are goregeus too, at least for me :)

  2. Elizabeth

    WOW!!! I love all those creative patterns! and love those dogs with expressive eyes! great job, Cindy! :)

    I´ve just added your Etsy shop to my circle ;)

  3. Meran

    whatever I say, your head’s gonna swell up, so I HATE THESE, absolutely SEND THEM ALL TO ME NOW.. oops..


    from your biggest fan, Meran

  4. Ann

    Love these! Your detail is great as always! The eyes just pop! :D Oh and you captured a great expression with Pierce. He is lookin like a dog with tude! hee hee Okay just noticed Astro with flowered ears. I looked so much at the illo it did not sink in the eyes distracted me! He is in touch with his feminine side :)

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