The Other Minotaur, for Illustration Friday

Mino-Taura, 6″ x 9″ Copic Markers

For the topic “Myth” at Illustration Friday.

Historians call her Mino-Taura, though her real name is not known. It is believed she was the twin of Asterion, the Minotaur famously slain by Theseus. Zeus spied her upon her birth, stole her, and took her to a secret island where he would visit her with gifts of servants and exotic fruit. Unlike her twin, Mino-Taura had no taste for meat. Despite these gifts she was a lonely soul and died young, having never met another of her kind. Her death went unnoticed, the same as her life.

So this was another case of trusting to the end product, because as you’ll see from the scans below, she was an ugly thing for a while there! But I have learned to push through to the end, and I’m usually glad I did. I even stopped sooner than usual, instead of filling in more of the solid spaces. (Though that could still change.)

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32 thoughts on “The Other Minotaur, for Illustration Friday

  1. Beth Parker

    Amazing, as usual, Cindy! Not only is the art beautiful, but you are an amazing story teller!!! I knew you’d hit it out of the park with “Myth”. :)

  2. chelle hanna

    I love this illustration! This theme was perfect for you and your beautiful mythical creations.

  3. Jenny

    Hi Cindy, thanks for the comment! Glad you dropped by cos now I’ve found your blog too. Love your style! I agree we could stick with mythology for a long long time!
    x x jEN

  4. Bella Sinclair

    Sooooooo beautiful! Oh wow, I love all the colors and patterns. Her eyes are soulful, and that veil is the crowning touch. And wheeee, your bulbfish is so much fun!!! Hahahaha, I’m always ready to be dazzled when I come here and you never disappoint! :D

  5. minnemie

    Your progress/process shots are amazing. I love seeing how the depth and details develop. I still want to know when your book is going to be published? :-)

  6. clara nilles

    Yeah! Finally back on subscriber list!
    Minotaurs have always been imposing, gastly creatures in literature and movies. Glad this one is so beautiful…..her eyes are soft and mystical.

  7. Gay McKinnon

    Theseus and the Minotaur is one of my favourite myths. I love the colours in this one, but even more I’m wowed by your gorgeous Maidens and your Queen and Guardian in the posts below (alas, I’ve been offline for over a month!) So much to see. Cindy, have you written any books to go with these characters???
    I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year. We are groaning under a surfeit of stone fruit here as Christmas means summer, and I am rolling around fatly after eating too much apricot jam.

  8. noz!

    Oh what amazing colors and such a beautiful style. I really love it. Also your other works. I think, I will come back very often, to watch all the lovely kind of art you make!

    Thanks for your comment at my blog and for sharing your pieces of art!


  9. Mom

    Keep them coming-having a problem with my Favorites where “Slumbering Herd” is after clinking on the favorites-then your site I go back to the Mail page-any suggestions?? Like to go back & enjoy them @ leisure. Thanks, Mom

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