The Elusive Painted Bulbfish for Illustration Friday

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Painted Bulbfish, 9″ x 6″
Copics and Microns. Digital background.

For “Ocean” at Illustration Friday, I offer to you a glimpse of the elusive Painted Bulbfish, a member of the order of Anglerfish. As far as scientists have been able to tell, the bulb-like lure which hangs from the forehead is not for catching prey, but for illuminating rocky growths on which the moss it eats lives. The distinctive pattern on this individual is due to artistic license, as no live specimen has ever been witnessed.

More items recently completed: two sunflower princesses.

Leona of the Sun and a Sunflower Princess
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ art cards, Copics, Microns and gel pens.

The image of Leona is carved into the largest and most ancient tree stump in The Wonder Woods. She was a princess who captured the light of the sun on her skin and left a trail of glittering motes wherever she went, especially in the summer months. This artist has taken taken some liberties, as the image on the tree has not the slightest hint of its original color. To her right is an artist’s rendering of her daughter, the Sunflower Princess.

Lots of progress pics below. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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32 thoughts on “The Elusive Painted Bulbfish for Illustration Friday

  1. clara nilles

    Cindy….still not getting posts so I resubscribed. Been having Slumbering Herd withdrawal!

    Yeah….new and wonderful creatures! LOVE the bulbfish…..he’s really dazzling. Like the gradient effect background…..was that w pens or photoshoped?

  2. Theo Padavano

    This fish has to be my favorite of your menagerie thus far! I love the vivid colors and wild-scale patterns.

    An interesting fact I remember about Angler fish; only the female has the glowing lure and she is several times larger than the male. Several males may mate with a single female, attaching themselves anywhere on her, eventually fusing to her body and becoming just small bumps.

  3. Claire Wildish

    THIS is a great character!! Love the colours and and his “blub”. He strangely reminds me of the lamp lighter in the little prince who makes sure all the street lamps at lit each night.

  4. Ana

    The Bulbfish is beautiful, just imagine the bottom of the sea all illuminated by these creatures, it would be wonderful :)

  5. Leslie White

    Gorgeous bulbfish, Cindy. I really like the symmetrical version of this you posted below. Very creative of you to think to do that. I have seen very few symmetrical versions that I like, but this works so well and brings a smile to my face!

  6. Alicia Gorecki

    One of my son’s favorite types of fish to draw, so I had to ask the expert what he thought…. His response with big smiling eyes was “COOOOOOOL” I have to agree!

  7. angel

    Such fantastic character! Love the big lips. He looks pretty laid back.
    The sun and sunflower princesses are gorgeous too!
    Fun details on all three- I always enjoy seeing your work.
    It makes me happy :)

  8. nik

    More magnificently mesmerizing eyes…bravo on the detailed pattern work as well! It’s easy to see why Leona would inspire legends and tree carvings far and wide.
    I know am opal miner who would love having an illuminated appendage like the Elusive Painted Bulbfish…handy mutation, that one. ;)

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