A Fairy Tale Tribute and Some People of the Forest

The Three Dogs
Each 2.5″ X 3.5″ art card, Copics, fine liners, gel pen.

Some more cards from the online Fairytale art-a-thon I mentioned last time, and submitted to the Illustration Friday topic, “Tribute”. These three dogs were inspired by a story from one of those large McCall’s Storybooks from the 60’s. In the story are the dog with eyes as big as saucers, the one with eyes as big as dinner plates, and the one with eyes as big as wagon wheels.

Then someone told me about an earlier story featuring the dogs, The Tinderbox, by Hans Christian Andersen – though instead of wagon wheels, the largest dog had eyes as big as windmills! The original story is a Scandinavian folktale.

This week I started a swap at illustratedatcs called The People of the Forest. It includes dryads, nymphs, forest pixies/elves/sprites, gnomes, fairies, antlered folk. The only requirements are 1. a humanoid of some sort and 2. vegetation of some sort. They are fun! Here’s the first four, finished in the last couple days in order to drum up interest in the swap. :)

People of the Forest Art Cards
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copic markers, fine liners, gel pen

I’m rather fond of the Llama Girl in the bottom left. Thanks for visiting!

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23 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale Tribute and Some People of the Forest

  1. Mom

    What big & sad eyed pups but adorable-hope you had fun with the swaps!! Love,Mom PS We had to leave the house twice today-someone love it & wanted to come back to take photos & people are more @ ease when the owners aren’t @ home. We also found something we “fell in love with yesterday” but it has to wait until this one is a done deal!

  2. Shirley

    The eyes have it! Such wonderful work Cindy. Llama girl has a lot of personality – love it! Always so great to check in and see your colorful, vivid and creative work..you always amaze me!

  3. clara nilles

    WOW! Love love love the forest folks…..the colors, the concept, and creativity. They totally belong in a storybook…..I can imagine a woodsy folklore for each character.

    And three dog eyes are wonderful too. Your eyes are getting more and more refined. They seem to pop!

    Great work Cindy!

  4. nini

    O boy! Forest people! What a cool topic and your imagination is running wild here. I loooove the first pair!

  5. Sally

    Love the wonderful patterns and the sadness of the dogs!I am always a sucker for a good dog story:) Nice use of texture and pattern in your work!

  6. Melanie

    It’s a joy to see these lovely puppys. They look so sweet. And the other 4 are so pretty to. Thanks for sharing.
    Liefs, Melanie

  7. Mom

    Glad so many appreciate your Art Work!! You know we do!! 1st time I’ve been able to send 2 comments for you!
    Love, Mom

  8. hedwig

    I know the fairytales and those were horrible dogs, real monsters. Your dogs are sweet as ever with their wet droopy eyes.
    I love them and I love your mom!

  9. Rod MacGregor

    I think you have used puppy dog eyes to seduce the viewer into… I don’t know where…but there should be a warning with these…Like: Puppy dog eyes can be dangerous..they may seduce you into…somewhere you didn’t think you where going to or a certain state of mind which you weren’t expecting. Do not drive after excessive puppy dog eyeing.

  10. poppylocke

    These are great! I love the detailing on the dogs with their wonderful eyes :) I think my favourite forest folk is the top-right one with the super-cool lizard

  11. Theo Padavano

    If “eyes are the windows to the soul”, then these are dogs with a lot of heart! Very sensitive portraits…each with it’s own distinct personality…wonderful!

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