Cityscape Illustrations and Imaginary Travels

Daydreaming City
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Sometimes at night the entire city sways gently side to side, as if recalling blissful daydreams that its Dreamers dreamed all day.

Submitted for the topic “Travel” at Illustration Friday. I have always wanted to do cityscapes and streetscapes! Just not quite as much as dogs or magical creatures or alien robots or maidens. Until now! So here are the first two. Be kind, as I need much practice!

draak eiland
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

A spotted dragonlet lands beyond the seawall, impatient for her companions to join her. Watching the young ones learn to fly is a favorite pastime of the villagers.

(This was actually the first one. Eeek, perspective.) It was originally a city in the side of the hill but you know how it is, sometimes the hill turns into a winged beast of one kind or another. Thanks to waughtercolors for starting a cityscape themed swap!

I’ve put together an Etsy favorites board for inspiration, if you want to see some great streetscape and cityscape art! Thanks for dropping in!

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17 thoughts on “Cityscape Illustrations and Imaginary Travels

  1. Crotchety Comics

    And I was just the opposite; I always loved to draw machines, cars and buildings. For some reason I found them easier to draw than organic things like people and trees and clouds. Weird, huh?

    Yesss.. I can see the buildings gently swaying.

  2. Kimberly Joyce Illustration

    I think your buildings look fantastic! way better then mine would to be honest, but I rarely ever add in building or backgrounds for that matter since I have a tough time with it! Excellent piece for the theme of travel!

  3. Alicia Gorecki

    Cindy, These are wonderfully sweet buildings, the color and flat drawing style give them the feel of a pop up city. I can imagine opening a book and having them unfold toward me, or maybe sit on a stage as a backdrop. well done and keep the experimentation coming!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Yes, I just made that board too! I hesitated to link it here because it is photography, and almost none of the photographers are credited. Which is really too bad! But lots of inspiration there, for sure.

  4. clara nilles

    Love this change of subject…..especially the angled view….they do seem to sway! I too have thought about painting architecture….but just never got around. A panoramic would be wonderful….

  5. carolmarden

    As always, wonderful colors and patterns! It’s fun to see how you handle a new subject (and also fun to see how another artist turns an intended mountain into a molehill, or a dragon, or whatever!)

  6. Mom

    Didn’t know you had started cityscapes-just added another demention to all the “Topics”you’re comfortable with-Bravo-both are super & did like the Mom watching her young fly!!Mom

  7. hedwig

    How brave of you to embark on a city trip! You did great! F*** the perspective, it’s much more fun without it or with slumbering buildings! The first is a real big city and the naive interpretation gives it a special effect. The second one is like an old Italian village with a French gargoyle who has settled there and started a big family.

  8. Rita

    I can’t imagine anyone saying anything unkind! As much as I love your animals, I like the cityscape with no animal more than the dragonlet city…I just think the cityscape is so swayingly charming! That being said, the fact that the dragonlet started as a hill is pretty darn charming, too.

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