Psychedelic Faces with Copic Markers

Rhonda Red and Donna Disco
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″, Copics, fine liners, gel pen on smooth Bristol

Recently someone pointed out this neat exercise with intuitive faces. Although the directions are for watercolor, I figured I could try to coax a more watercolorish effect with Copic markers. So far the results have something of a hippy vibe.

For this reason I am declaring this the Power of the 1970s post, for the topic “power” at Illustration Friday. I have not abandoned the cityscapes, more of which you will undoubtedly see if you come around next time. And thank you so much to Vinyl Eraser who does terrific architectural drawings, for mentioning my 100 Cityscapes Project!


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22 thoughts on “Psychedelic Faces with Copic Markers

  1. Lyette Roussille

    Hi Cindy, I think your drawing for Illustration Friday ” power ” is great. I love the way you worked the colors.

  2. Elena Caravela

    Really wonderful Cindy! First, you could have fooled me. These really do look like they could be watercolor. And, the first image is really something special. It vibrates!

  3. Nuno

    Absolutely! The left face seems a poster from the seventies! Maybe the colors or the flowers. Great!

    And thank you very much for your kind words :-)

    By the way, one of the related posts point to a previous exercise on styles. Enki Bilal is one of my favorite comic artists.

  4. nini

    Wowzers! What a great pair, psychedelic and rather spiritual to me as well. They are like day & night or sun & moon spirits…. mhm…. very lovely pair indeed!

    And thank you for sharing the 10 minutes ATC exercise, I will try it out for sure.

  5. clara nilles

    These are amazing…..I LOVE the washed effects of the faces…..very different then your usual style.
    Do you just add water to the pens or put washes down on paper first……to get that look? I’m curious….

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      No washes or water. Just lots of layers of Copics, mostly light colors, then darker on top. Then some ink. Then more colors. Then more ink and gel pen. :)

  6. minnemie

    Ooooh, I like! Thanks for sharing the intuitive faces link – just what I need to get a paintbrush back in my hand:-0! What a fun excercise.

  7. Carol King

    Well sock it to me! These are outtasight! Great, fun, whimsical work. And thanks for the link to the arttrade mag which talked about the steps involved. I may just give it a go.

  8. AnnD

    I love your imagination the way I love pizza: Obscenely, and without end. I had no idea you were doing a 100 Cityscapes project, but I just peeked at the flickr, and WOW! I adore “draak eiland” and “Marla’s Tiny Village” and “The Early Ship City.” You are so good with variations on a theme!

    And Rhonda Red’s lips and eyes, by the way? Me. OW.

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