Three October Cats

Tango and Ladybug, Franklin’s Giant Kitten, Teddy Cat
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Tango foolishly took a temp job as a security guard. Foolish because staying awake for extended periods is not his forte. Fortunately, his pal Ladybug has no problem giving him a friendly peck if needed.

Cats! Someone requested cats in a trade, but I wasn’t sure what kind of cat! So I made the first one and the third one above. She liked both and I shall get two lovely horses in return. The middle card was made for next weekend’s Halloween-a-thon at

Also for the a-thon, more tiny houses. These were made with a more muted but still colorful palette that I’ve been recently fooling with. They are Tiny Houses twenty-one and twenty-two. I think my favorite bit is the red cat against the moon.

Two Curious Spook Houses
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

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20 thoughts on “Three October Cats

  1. clara nilles

    Fantastic cats…so full of personality….especially Teddy Cat who just wants to be hugged.
    But I really adore the houses. The LYE sign is hilarious! And the gutters….and bushy eyes……this is CLASSIC Cindy!

  2. nini

    I love the giant kitten with her crow friend on her head.
    The houses look wonderful too, as they always do.

    And I must say I’m really curious about the horses you got as well…. hmmmm…. I’d love to see what type of cards you get when you say horses. You know…. one really needs to know these things.

  3. Sal Scheibe

    I always love your cats! Your animals have such fun characters, each with its own little life. And the houses are, of course, AMAZING! If you ever frame a set of these, please share!

  4. linda (dots n doodles)

    Your houses are getting spookier and more intricate, love them, especially the go away house. That sign on the door made me laugh. Tango has a sheepish look about him … great stories behind the art as always.

  5. Ana M.F

    Halloween drawings, yes!!
    Ladybug’s eyes are lovely.
    I like the little details on the houses like those eyes in the bushes and the bones… are they part of the decoration? I hope they are :D

  6. Mom

    The Cats are beautiful!! You keep adding more & more detail & the stories!! When is the book coming out?? Love, Mom

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