Further Adventures with Snow Queens, Ink Art

Bronweyn of Galac Clan
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Ilse of the Bright Snows, and Wise Helene
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen.

Three more for the Snow Kings and Queens swap over at illustratedatcs.com. I like to make them very different, when doing a swap. Face shape, eye size/shape/placement, hair, accessories – all easy to change! It’s good practice to make sure I don’t do the same face every time. It’s one thing to have a “style”, but another to repeat oneself too much. Do you have any strategies like that?

These are also maidens number 121, 122 & 123 for the newly upgraded 200 Maidens Project! (There are actually more than 123, but I’m just going to go with the number of uploads, and ignore that time I put four in one post.) :)

If I may add one more bit of news. I finally put some artwork in a local shop. I cannot take credit for finding this shop, as she found me (and some other local artists) at Etsy. Early the day after Thanksgiving, I met Di at her new shop, Honey Poo Poo’s. She was very kind and appreciative, and the shop is really quite adorable! Her art is colorful and whimsical children’s furniture, rocking horses and really cool and elaborate updated musical instruments.

On the off chance you’re reading this and in driving distance of West Dundee, IL,  you should go peek! Anyway, by the end of that first day she had sold one of my 8×10 originals. Holy cow, the first day! And I’ve been thinking lately I want to do more larger works, so of course this is very encouraging.

Progress pics below. Thanks for stopping in!

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11 thoughts on “Further Adventures with Snow Queens, Ink Art

  1. minnemie

    Yeaaaahhhh for the sale and the encouragement it brings! So excited for you. I bet your art is going to sell like sweet cakes. It should. It is so fun and unique!

  2. nini

    Your snow queens are gorgeous! You constantly amaze me with your creations. They have this “you” style that is always present no matter how you take the face on or anything else as well.

    Congratulations on being found and on your first sale there! It only makes me believe in the fact “we are loved and being cared for by the Universe” even more. Quite breathtaking, isn’t it?

    Oh, and you should totally make these available as Christmas cards. Just sayin’…. :)

  3. clara nilles

    These monochromatics are wonderful……I love Bronweyn…..she’s so “cold” looking…..but gorgeous and elegant…..
    And congrats on getting in a shop and selling. It must be so exciting to sell an original……this is the best time of yr to do this…….hope you get lots of eyes on your work and do well this season!!

  4. Creations By Mit

    What beautiful, icy ladies!! Just love how the colors give them all such a cold feel!
    Very excited – my boyfriend surprised me this weekend with a small set of Copic markers! I think that is what you use, no? I always wanted to try them, but couldn’t afford to indulge. I should be able to get a feel for them with the set of 6! Anyway, thought of you!!!! :)

  5. Mom

    The Snow Queens are beautiful!! And congratulations on the 8by10 sale-you had told me you were on your way to her shoppe!! Love ya, Mom

  6. hedwig

    Hi Cindy! I haven’t been here for a while (was visiting my sister in the US) and you worked really hard! So many beautiful things to see! I like your multiculti maidens, the warm colors and the diversity. But the icy ladies are really cool! Makes me long for snow.

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