Ink with Attitude. Serious. Attitude.

Blake, and an Evil Mime Queen
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Blake arrived closely on the heals of his cousin Maureen (seen below). This family much prefers their right profiles. You’d be surprised how plain the other side looks!

The evil mime queen was made for someone who like evil queens. And mimes. And pink with turquoise. And creepy cute stuff. She is maiden #126!(Any future mimes should have instead of this streaky white gel pen, a smooth application of white ink with a brush. Live and learn, and all that!)

Another Maureen
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

One side blog note. I believe I’ve got categories covered. Tags, not so much. For one thing, almost all of my (208!) posts have many of the same tags (Copic markers, pen and ink, illustration). (Which are separate, I think!, from keywords for my SEO widget.) Geez! If you are a person with insight into this tags business, do share.

Thank you for stopping in! Progress pics with attitude, below.

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16 thoughts on “Ink with Attitude. Serious. Attitude.

  1. Mom

    Cindy: These 2 new indivuals do seem to have some “Mad” stuff going on in their lives!! But are very cutesy anyway!! Love, Mom

  2. linda (dots n doodles)

    Blake sure looks mean! I love his stripey eyelid and all the pattern he has. Your big beaked birds are always such fun. I wouldn’t want to meet up with the evil mime queen, she may shout “off with her head”.

    Know just what you mean about the white gel pen, my favourite just doesn’t want to play nicely any more either. Also I find mine tends to slightly pick up the colour of the copic marker underneath.

  3. Sal Scheibe

    Maureen and her cousin are so cool! I would love to see the plain side, lol. The mime queen is seriously cool. I had a feeling this one had something to do with muppet! she’s awesome!

  4. clara nilles

    Fantastic! I love Another Maureen…..beautiful colors. And evil mime queen is great…..the gel pen gives some interesting textures…..almost like an application of make-up….which is what it is! More mime!

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