A Maiden Called Celeste, in Acrylics

Celeste in Her Favorite Hat
5″ x 7″ Acrylics on canvas board

If I wasn’t doing a 30-day challenge (it’s Day 15 already!), these might all get lots more time. But I must keep moving forward! And I still need sleep and to go to my regular job. So, despite the fact the hair and fabric would be improved with more detail, and the background got no attention, I must call it done. No ink this time, just paint.

I referenced this image to get the sketch started but I prefer not to copy a photo very closely. She looks strangely familiar to me so I might have some particular image in mind. Or maybe just the style. Any ideas? (1970’s McCall’s pattern  illustrations?)

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17 thoughts on “A Maiden Called Celeste, in Acrylics

  1. Samara Doumnande

    Hi Cindy!

    Despite not having much time to create this piece, as you say, I think that it’s wonderful! You were still able to capture a lot of detail and your color usage really does make this painting ‘pop.’ Nice work, Cindy!

  2. hedwig

    You are working hard, Cindy! I have missed a few posts. Celeste is gorgeous! I like this style that’s yours, but bigger and simpler. She has a mysterious look. Those eyelids! She could have been the girl friend of Vincent van Gogh.

  3. Linda Hensley

    I like seeing your work in paint. The canvas adds another texture which goes so well with your patterns. Some day you ought to try tackling a really large canvas. Beautiful work as always!

  4. Mom

    Cindy: Celeste is the prettiest of all the girls-woman-ladies so far!! She really looks like a very fine painting-is it the acrylics?? Love her! Mom

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