Little City in Acrylics for Day 14

Day 14 of the 30 Day Challenge!

City Under Yellow Sky
5″ x 7′ Acrylics, OTHO and Zebra ink pens, white gel pen

Photos outside would be much better! But it’s usually dark when I am taking them. Arrgh!

I added white gel pen at the very last shot, to try to give a bit of definition. Overall I’d call it a bit messy. Not sure about the pink landscape in front. But it is done, for Day 14. My 4th acrylic painting, this one also with ink outlines.

I’m not happy with the colors. They all seem a bit muddy. They seem to need white for increased opacity, but that also seems to dull any brightness. I should get a book. Or watch some acrylic painting videos. Ink on bumpy canvas isn’t so great either, so I really need to try some illustration board or something else smooth. (I did try gesso and sanding, but I think I was rushed. Because of the challenge!)

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4 thoughts on “Little City in Acrylics for Day 14

  1. Sally Dean

    This is great regardless ! The challenge is pushing us out of our comfort range- I think it will be great to get back to a little more normal pace. I love to see what you are doing!

  2. Sarah

    I love this. It is adorable and detailed and fantastic, and I think the colors are vibrant. I have found that dip pens are awesome for ink over texture, but they’re a pain.. lol

  3. clara nilles

    Strange….didn’t get this post either… can completely cover up what you don’t like w new paint and start portions over….I like the landscape….but agree…..maybe white accents might pop the painting…….

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