A Maiden in Acrylics. Fancy Hat Included.

It’s day 13 of Thirty Paintings in 30 Days!

Exotic Maiden in Fancy Hat
5″ x 7″ Acrylics with brown Uni-ball Vision Elite ink pen

I feel like I could continue to work on this for another few hours. Some spots are still messy, and some colors could be improved (though they are far less dreadful than at the beginning – see below). Facial features could use some work. But, I am writing this at ┬áthirty past midnight on a work night, and we’ve got 17 more days of paintings to go, people!

So this one is done (for now). A detailed pencil sketch made a lot of difference. So did outlining with a smooth, dark pen. No way I could have completed all those lines with a tiny brush and 1. make it work tomorrow, and 2. kept my sanity.

I didn’t use a reference photo because I’ve been drawing so many women in crazy hats lately. This one is Maiden Number 141. Photo references can make a big difference so next time I’ll try to use one. Thanks so much for stopping in!

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13 thoughts on “A Maiden in Acrylics. Fancy Hat Included.

  1. Nuno

    Great! I have never used acrylics. I like the line over the colors, it looks like your usual maidens but on a different medium. I love the colors, too!

  2. Efi Maryeli

    Great work, as always!!! I, too, prefer to use ink for the linework. I can’t seem to be able to move my hands when holding very thin brushes. Hanve a great week!!!

  3. AnnD

    WOW! Look at you go! This is stunning! I think your method of sketching first is paying off hugely! I have to come back tomorrow and stare at this some more when my husband is not waiting for me to come to bed. :)

  4. Sandy Sandy

    I love this and your entire “Maidens in Hats” series! They are all really creative and original eye candy!
    My favorite is #64 and I love your D.O.D. ones too!

  5. clara nilles

    Strange I’m not getting your posts…..didn’t get this one……but I manually check your blog weekly and saw this one…..which is lovely…..the green and blue color combination is unusual but works!

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