Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hound

Red Hound Dog
5″ x 7″, Acrylics on canvas board

Hello fine visitors! If you happen to be from, or are familiar with, this Thirty Paintings in 30 Days Challenge, of which today is day number 11, and which I am trying like the Dickens to complete, I would just like to say:

If I don’t finish in the normal way, I reserve the right to use the approximately seventy-three hundred versions of this painting as at least, maybe, four of the 30 paintings. A small sampling:

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hound
Various stages of 5×7 acrylic painting

Thanks for stopping in for the occasional horror of my novice acrylics adventures! As you can see I’ve fallen back on some things I am familiar with, like outlines. And swirly backgrounds. Behold the transformation below. (All tips and criticisms welcome!)

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16 thoughts on “Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hound

  1. Susan

    Loved the 19 versions…almost thought you could stop at 4 and 7 of the 19. So great to see you experimenting. I do love the outline on the dog and the spiral background.

  2. minnemie

    Aahhh, i love to see these progress shots and how it all evolves! The possibilities are endless…

  3. Mom

    Boy some job-30 in 30 days-then what kind of prize will you receive??? He is a pretty dog! By the way how do you like working with Acrylics?? Love, Mom

  4. Martha

    Love the 19 versions… especially how scary 18 becomes sweet 19. Perfect title. Thanks for sharing your process. LOVE IT!

  5. AnnD

    I love him at so many points on his evolution! This (for me) is part of the beauty of paint: One dog gets to have more than a dozen personalities before he settles into his final self. He looks fantastic!

    For the record, I did really like that original green. It’s one of my favorite greens, and I like the way it interacts with the yellow and the orange. You may have just inspired me to take a soft left in the background I’m painting right now!

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  7. Carol King

    I always find these 30 day challenges too challenging for me! I applaud you for doing it. I really like how your dog turned out. And I liked seeing all the different versions too.

  8. clara nilles

    Interesting……there’s a softness to your acrylics….the edges, the brushstrokes…..its very different then your copics…..which has sharpness. I gotta break out of my mold (acrylics)and try some other mediums…..like pastels again!

  9. ruthsartwork

    I like the second green background one with the dark eye. However, I like him as a red canine too. Has he adopted an Irish Setter persona? His eye is softer in the last one, although he still looks pretty stern.

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