Monochromatic Elf for Challenge Day Nine

Day nine of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. This is an experiment with ink and gel pen over an acrylic background. I’ve convinced myself that the actual acrylic canvas process will be greatly improved with various additional products I hope to pick up this weekend like acrylic glazing liquid and tiny jars with lids.

Blue Elf in Field of Loops, 2.5″ x 3.5″
Ink, marker and gel pen over acrylic

This blue elf is Maiden Number 139. I think I prefer the next to last image below, before the white gel pen. Should have stopped there. Knowing when to stop is not something at which I am an expert!

Thanks for the visit!

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12 thoughts on “Monochromatic Elf for Challenge Day Nine

  1. Crotchety Comics

    You know what? I prefer the last painting. Maiden number 39. The eyes have a lot more expression, and it just seems punchier overall. But I’ve always liked contrast. My 2 cents. Nice work, Cindy.

  2. Claire Wildish

    Hey Cindy! Long time! I see you’re as busy as ever. I love the gentle colours in this and the new techniques you are using. Look forward to another year of your great characters and stories!

  3. Sal Scheibe

    Wow, this one is really lovely!! Looks absolutely stunning! Love to see you branching out from markers and succeeding so well at it! Your paintings have been just gorgeous :)

  4. Nelvia

    I just love your sense of humor, these are so interesting. Am going to follow your acrylic adventures as I too am trying to figure it out. Hmmm ink, gel pen and acrylic -you got my wheels spinning.

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