Redhead with Birds, Acrylics and Ink

Day 24 of the 30 Day Challenge!  (I sort of skipped Day 23, but I hope to catch up on the weekend.)

Redhead with Birds
5″ x 7″ Acrylics, ink, gel pen on canvas board

The birds and the background are not finished because of time! But I think it’s got some interesting elements. I agree with Karen Knutson who is also enjoying this challenge and was not sure if she was happy it would be over soon. I think I may have to do the 29 Faces for February. It would be silly to lose all this momentum (though I do need more sleep).

Thanks so much to everyone who has offered encouragement during this acrylic painting adventure. I hope you’re all staying warm! (So sorry for the terrible progress photos! You can see in the final scan how different the color is.)

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8 thoughts on “Redhead with Birds, Acrylics and Ink

  1. mimi boothby

    I personally don’t care about progress photos. What is important to me is where you stop.
    I really like how you tell a story. I think 29 faces of February is a great idea. just what i need, another challenge. eeek.

  2. Pattie Wall

    I like your progression shots, they so show the total process – love to see it crescendo – nice one! Continuing the pace is probably a good idea – last year I did this and abruptly stopped for a few days and it felt like I had been in a ‘Detroit crash test’. I don’t think I can continue a painting a day, but I do think I can continue – painting EVERY day…

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