A New Challenge for February, 29 Faces!

Holy cow, it’s February already. The good news is that today is Day One of the 29 Faces Challenge for 2014! It will be my first time joining in. Wooo!

Their Fifth Anniversary, work in progress
12″ x 12″ Acrylics on canvas

This is the end of day one working on a 12″ x 12″ canvas intended for submission in my local Dick Blick’s 2nd annual love themed art show. I live near Northwestern Universityand its art department, so I imagine there will be some seriously great art! Although I have seen art hanging there before, I’m not sure how many make it up on the wall, or how many enter.

I’ve just finished a 30 in 30 Days challenge, where I did several small pieces and also 19 acrylic paintings, each in one day. This one is larger, and will also benefit from two and a half days of refining before its due date on February 3! (My current conundrum is what to do with the ear of the left dog that is behind – maybe slightly squished by – his wife.)

Hooray for 29 Faces and yes, animals are allowed! Thanks so much for stopping in!

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15 thoughts on “A New Challenge for February, 29 Faces!

  1. froebelsternchen

    Oh I love this couple!
    I have got two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and I am not brave enough to try to bring then to paper…..

    Your style is happy and beautiful!
    Nice to meet you at 29 faces!

  2. Lindsaywhimsy

    Fabulous dogs – you know how much I love your art (and I love that squishy ear!) Looking forward to Day 2! :))

  3. Fran

    I really LOVE these cute dogs and your style. I will definately follow your blog. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving such a great comment.

  4. AnnD

    You already know I love these dogs, but just in case: There is joy in these dogs! They have palpable affection for each other. Bravo!

    Oh, and I am happy you can do animals, because your animals are amazing! I hope you will do some human animals, too. :D

  5. Anita Mistry

    You already know I love your work and that you share the process. I didn’t manage to finish the 30 days (I think I got to about 20) but then I was away for a week at Artzona :)

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