Two Dogs, Acrylics in Progress

Welcome to Day 2 of 29 Faces, and I’m still working on the two dogs. Their names have been divined (Rocco and Harmony), the color has been brightened, and many details added.

Rocco and Harmony
12″ x 12″, Acrylics on canvas work in progress

Rocco’s eyes and mouth went through some big changes (see progress pics at the bottom of the post)! He is looking a bit sadder, but also more three dimensional and his nose is greatly improved!

I spent 7-8  hours on this today. (I do hope my time will improve along with my skills!) I really thought I liked Rocco before, but compared to the new one, yesterday’s version looks very dull and flat.

Rocco and Harmony, Day 1 vs. Day 2
Each 12″ x 12″ acrylics on canvas

And now, a few terrific, instructive things I found while waiting (impatiently) for paint to dry:

Samuel Durkin – Acrylics, How to Paint a Landscape with Bluebells. He talks quite a big about technique (in this case, painting large canvases in acrylic) and about taking inspiration from nature and learning to slow down and really see the world.

Lachri Fine Art – Time Lapse Greyhound in Oil Over Acrylic. Accompanied by the artist playing the violin, a terrific dog painting.

Caroline Stanley – Painting Sasha the Border Collie. Also speed painting. Probably my favorite with that great close-up nose and face.

And one more thing! I could never have accomplished what I have with this painting, without the 30 paintings challenge in January. Practice is the only way I know to be improve at something! I don’t believe anyone who says they can’t draw. If you want to know how to draw, start drawing. Eventually, you’ll know how to draw something. People aren’t born knowing how to draw something.

Come back tomorrow to see the final painting (or more likely, later today). Thanks for stopping in, I know this was a long one!

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19 thoughts on “Two Dogs, Acrylics in Progress

  1. Sarah

    They are so cute!!! First I was a little sad that he looked so sad, but now I really sort of like how serious he looks.. she looks like she’s rolling her eyes at him, just like I do to my husband.. hahahah

    I love how it wraps around the canvas!!

  2. Faye

    Wonderful additions to the 2 pups. The day 2 one is sharper and more detailed and actually more finished looking. Either one was a winner, but I like the second one better.

  3. Kristen

    This is great, Cindy! I love the dogs. Those colors are so exciting. The expression that you gave the dogs is really fun and engaging as well.
    PS. My dh was born in Evanston, he grew up in Chicago. We live in the NW suburbs now. Small world!

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