Sheila Green Eyes, Acrylics on Black Canvas

Sheila Green Eyes
4″ x 4″ Acrylics on black canvas board

Face #13 omg! Working on lips. I think she’s pretty cute.

She is also Maiden Number 159. Which seems crazy! But it started as 100 Maidens in July 2012. And then a whole bunch of time just went whoooooshing past.

Finally started using my Masterson’s Sta-Wet palette, partly due to encouragement from AnnD, who also recently got a Sta-Wet palette. (And yes, I think we both agree that sounds dirtier than maybe it ought.)

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11 thoughts on “Sheila Green Eyes, Acrylics on Black Canvas

  1. Carol King

    Sheila green eyes looks to be one hot mamma. Thanks for the info on the stay wet palette. I just started something with acrylics and can’t figure out how to use them or how to keep the paint useful for a while. I usually use watercolor. It’s very different.

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