Another Girl and Her Dog, Acrylics

The Slumbering Herd post number 250 is Face #14! And it is Valentine’s Day. AND, also Paint Party Friday!

She Lost Him in the Divorce
6″ x 6″ Acrylics on canvas board

Sarah Trumpp and I briefly discussed whether this cross-posting, double-duty business was wrong. I believe we decided in the end not to worry about it too much. :)

I have a feeling I should try some things without the black outlines all the time. With this one, I went back to sketching and I like the result. Sometimes a sketch is nice way to go about it.

I had to stop last night at about the 9th frame, below. I haven’t been getting enough sleep and that makes for a rough workday. However, I think it benefited from drying completely before I took another run at it. More patience I must learn. Pffft.

Thanks for stopping in!

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23 thoughts on “Another Girl and Her Dog, Acrylics

  1. mimi boothby

    why would anyone mind if you cross post? the blog police? haha.
    tell us more about the girl and her dog.

    i like her because her eyes aren’t so big, she looks more natural. Your dogs are excellent!

  2. Kristen

    I love this. I also love how you included the dog. She is very regal looking, she looks like she would have fought tooth and nail for the dog! I agree about cross-posting… go for it!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Irma

    She is sooo pretty! I like your funny creatures, they all have a character of their own. Thank you very mjhch for your nice comment on my blog! Happy PPF – Irma

  4. denthe

    Just keep cross-posting when it means you can keep up with different challenges. It’s like Carol says “who cares” ;-) It only means more people get to see your wonderful work!

  5. minnemie

    I like the black lines… it is kind of part of your unique style. but then again, I’ve looked back and seen some that you did with less distinct lines, and it was still very much “you”:-) Happy to see you at PPF -it is such an encouraging community. And I think cross-posting is encouraged, not frowned upon:-)

  6. ruthsartwork

    I like the way her hair and the dog’s fur match. His frame matches her hair accessories too. So sorry she lost him in the divorce. He probably misses her too. Will he have a picture?

  7. Carol King

    She’s a beauty and so is her dog. And anyone who has a dog is ok by me. Is it true that pet owners and their pets start to look alike after awhile? I think that might be happening here. :)

  8. Lisa Isabella Russo

    She’s beautiful and I love her pup friend as well. Gorgeous art, but I hope you will find time to get some rest as well. I think cross posting is fine and long as what you’re posting goes with the themes, and yours are absolutely fine and wonderful to behold…

  9. Gina Sismilich

    The painting of the lady and her “lost” dog is wonderful. The lady and the dog kind of resemble each other (I hope that doesn’t happen to me and my Boston Terrier LOL). I love all the variations of orange color – my favorite

  10. giggles

    I love black lines in artwork…it’s what I’m attracted too…. thoma fedro, and amanda hone…both huge black line people!! Keep your amazing style…Wonderful work!

    Hugs Giggles

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