Henry VIII and the Jackalope, Copic Art Cards

Henry VIII and the Jackalope
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

If you came in here thinking that these two faces have nothing to do with each other, you could not be faulted for thinking so! For one thing, the Jackalope is commonly believed to be a North American cryptozoologic creature. And for another, ‘ole Henry spent a lot of his time juggling wives and that whole Reformation business so it’s doubtful he had time for pets.

I was just as surprised as you must be right now, to learn that it was in fact a six and a half foot tall Jackalope named Hewerald that told Henry which wives to behead and how to go about severing England’s connection to the Catholic church.

Perhaps you’re wondering if the Jimmy Stewart vehicle “Harvey”, about a gentle man who travels about with a six foot tall imaginary rabbit, might be based on this story. Why yes, it was! Of course Harvey wore no horns, and was intensely wise in the manner of good pookas. The complete opposite of Henry’s advisor (a bad pooka). Would you be, once again, surprised to learn that in fact they tried it that way the first time, but Jimmy Stewart was incapable of portraying villainy of this kind? Ah, the things you might learn on a little art blog!

I wish Henry’s eyes were more beady. But I like his nose. Thanks for visiting! These are Faces number 15 and 16 for the 29 Faces challenge.

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11 thoughts on “Henry VIII and the Jackalope, Copic Art Cards

  1. AnnD

    OMG, Henry is SPECTACULAR! And I’m totally not surprised he had a bad pooka. Look at that jackalope’s face. He has beheading on his mind and his mind on beheading (possibly because it’s International Ancestral Jackalope Day – would I make that up?).

    YOU are amazing, and I like Henry’s nose, too!

  2. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    I came over to say, “It’s not every day you see Henry VIII and a Jackalope together.”
    However, once I read the entire post it is totally clear to me now – thanks for the enlightenment!! Great job!

  3. bella sinclair

    Holy mama. You totally blow me away! Dang, girl, you are so productive and creative! Danggggg! These are all so cool and amazing! I love the way you have contoured King Henry’s face. Fantastic fun, all of these! You go, girl!

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