The Maiden and the Parasaurolophus, Ink Art

Imogene and the Parasaurolophus
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Another day, another two inked art cards with an unlikely connection! The parasaurolophus and Imogene are faces number 17 and 18, which puts me slightly ahead of the February curve!

This is a detail of a larger tapestry that hangs in Imogene’s front hall. She claims it was inherited down several generations, originally stitched out of the imagination of a talented great aunt from Quebec whose husband was the owner of a¬†parasaurolophus skull. ¬†The story is somewhat tenuous, as the ¬†parasaurolophus was first discovered in the 1920’s, after the woman in question had died.

Incidentally, this creature (who probably looked totally different than this!) lived 75 MILLION years ago (according to Wikipedia. Hold it, confirmed at BBC Earth). Did I mention – SEVENTY-FIVE MILLION YEARS. I can’t even.

Here’s my last week’s retrospective (as inspired by denthe):

Faces 10 -16, 29 Faces Challenge February 2014
The Slumbering Herd

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18 thoughts on “The Maiden and the Parasaurolophus, Ink Art

  1. Susan

    I envy your productivity Cindy. Loving the Parasaurolophus! Love that you do imaginary creatures in pen and ink as well. Finding I need Dr. Martin’s high carbon ink for my aquabord.

  2. AnnD

    Great idea on the retrospective! I have missed too many posts! I LOVE #11! I LOOOOOVE her!

    Your parasaurolophus is just incredible. I love the sense of the world you created in the background, too, with the parasaurolophus on high ground and the valley beneath! A great card!

    The tenuous story is also hilarious. I dig it when your maidens have sticks and danglies in their hair! Makes me want to have enough hair for sticks and danglies!

  3. Tammie

    such wonderfully interesting characters you have chosen. they are awesome!

    i went to your link and it was fun to read a bit about the din0saurs.
    also wonderful to see all your faces together!

  4. Lydia

    Can I just say that I love your artwork! I think my face transformed with a big grin when I came onto your page. The story that you included was really fun too. Very cool style.

  5. bella sinclair

    That is one awesome dino. It’s like having a bottle opener right on your forehead. How convenient! Love all of your characters. They have such life!

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