Fancy Dress Animals, Their Time Has Come (Again)

Lady Mrowr, three stages
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Lady Mrowr is my latest and favorite fancy-dress art card. She is a cat similar to a Peterbald type (with somewhat narrower ears). And now I think I will do a whole bunch of animals in fancy clothes ATCs*. (She was done a couple weeks ago but hadn’t made it to the blog yet!)

I included some earlier dressed animals below.

Four Animals in Fancy Dress (click to enlarge)
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Here we have Harrington with Ascot, The Theurgist Tarabelle, Fox Maiden and Vincent Mundy. You probably know by now that I really like to name things. The two dogs above are probably my favorite dogs. (And they still live at my house!)

Thanks for stopping in!

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*ATCs – Artist Trading Cards, size 2.5″ x 3.5″. Lots of folks sell and trade em!

15 thoughts on “Fancy Dress Animals, Their Time Has Come (Again)

  1. AnnD

    Okay, so I love all of your animals in their fancy wear, but deargodLadyMrowr. She pushes me right over the edge. It’s not just that all of the headgear is so fabulously detailed – although that’s a big part of it; it’s also that she herself – with that headgear – is incredibly dimensional. I am 98% convinced that Lady Mrowr herself came to visit you, and you made this as a portrait of her.

    That is how convincing your shading is.

    That is all for now, but I reserve the right to say more about Lady Mrowr in future.

    Carry on.

  2. linda (dots n doodles)

    There is definately something about Lady Mrowr (how do you come up with these names?) that I can’t put my finger on. Actually I think AnnD sums it up. It feels like Lady Mrowr is jumping off the page and that she is real.

  3. Leslie White

    I like the Lady Mrowr piece. Your use of how to keep her white fascinates. I’d probably call her Ivory and make an Ebony to complete a pair. Fascinating!

  4. clara nilles

    So charming….clothing really gives them character and personality… would make a GREAT children’s book illustrator! My favorite is Fox Maiden……and what elegant names for them too!

  5. Faye

    Wow, your animals in dress are just fantastic. I can’t tell what medium it is but I love the very sharp features and colors. My favorite is the cat in the blue bonnet. What a sweetie! All your works are so enjoyable to view.

    1. Faye

      I see now that you’ve listed your material so these must be Copic markers, which I have only heard of, never seen.

  6. bella sinclair

    Girlfriend, bring it ON! I love your fancy dress friends. Their outfits do them justice. In fact, you could dress me too any day. :D

  7. Mom

    Wow!! What an elegant kitten-Lady Mrowr indeed! Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks you would be a great children’s book illustrator with your amazing stories along with the many terrific characters!! Love, Mom (You go Girl!!)

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