Greyhounds in Fancy Clothes


Two Fancy Dogs, One Fancy Cat
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

The Conspirators: Francella of the House Tangerine (above left) and Svetlana Luis,  granddaughter to the king (above right).

The Hired Gun: Tee Wumpus, i.e. Cat Tee Wumpus (center). Engineering, Small Arms and Martial Arts expert. One of the few cats willing to work with Greyhounds, for a very steep fee.

The Target: High Security Vault in the red zone, housing the clandestine art gallery of Svetlana’s family. Rumored to also hold the missing Bee Sculpture Collection of the House Tangerine.

All kinds of intrigue around here! Thanks for stopping in!

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11 thoughts on “Greyhounds in Fancy Clothes

  1. clara nilles

    Gorgeous! The greyhounds look so elegant with their long snouts……striking colors too. I love Tangerine’s color and Wumpus’ maroon face!

  2. AnnD

    Okay, here is the problem: If you do not stop making new sets of cards that become my instant favorites, it is forever going to feel like all I do is say, “OMG, these are some of my favorite things you have ever made.” Because seriously. EVER.

    Tee Wumpus, furthermore, is the best steampunk thing ANYONE has ever made. Do you know that I just noticed that card has a background? Literally, I noticed that for the first time just this second. That is how entranced I have been with your small arms expert.

    The greyhounds are freaking gorgeous – so elegant, so refined. I am not even supposed to like dog cards. GOOD GRIEF.

    Love the story, too. I want to know what happens next!

  3. Mom

    After reading all the comments-what else can be said but more Kudos to you!! Imagine the gal that wasn’t supposed to love dogs -now does!! Keep them coming & about that book-you have so much material already!!! Love, Mom

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