Hat With Tiny Streetscape. Serious Tiny.

2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Tiny things are tiny. Did you spot the bunny?

And here are a few from the sketch pile. Some of which may one day be completed!

Four Sketched Art Cards

Happy Paint Party Friday! Short post because it’s so late, dangit! Thanks for visiting!

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22 thoughts on “Hat With Tiny Streetscape. Serious Tiny.

  1. SL Scheibe

    Ha! What a cool hat! the best of both worlds – awesome hats and cute cityscapes. Love her funky purple hair too. And the cute bunny :)

  2. laurie

    I admire anyone who can paint tiny!! I find it such a challenge, what a beautiful creation, yes yes I see the bunny!! Beautifully done!

  3. AnnD

    CindyD, you may have out-tinied yourself. Truly. Tiny things are TEEEEEEENY tiny! Holy details, Batman!

    (For the record, I don’t think my pen goes that small. You know how in Spinal Tap, this one goes to 11? I think your pen goes to -15. Mine goes to 2. You will have to show me how you do this work one day!)

    Also, in case I haven’t been clear, this is awesome.

    ALSO, the hat even has amazing, tiny details under the bill. Hello?! Where is this hat shop, and how do I get there???

  4. Jo

    Your style is so unique, full of detail. Great imagination! And I can so imagine someone wearing one of those hats!!

  5. Ruth Hayes

    I’m glad her hat sort of matches her hair color. I didn’t see the bunny until you mentioned it. He must be shy to be facing the other way.

  6. Minnemie

    Oh how fun to combine the tiny architecture with the hats! I like the glimpse into your WIP’s… I feel a little (ok maybe a lot) like that first one with the glasses today! Her spectacles double as “Tired-eye-openers” if you ask me;-) Excellent expression. Excellent sketches!

  7. Leslie White

    I pulled out a ruler tonight and looked at what 2.5×3.5 looks like. There is no way I could get this detail in that tiny space and not go cross eyed. These trading cards amaze me.

  8. bella sinclair

    Well, of course. I thought all top hats had resident bunnies. No? So fantastic. I love the mailbox! I need to send mail there.

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