22 thoughts on “Hat With Tiny Streetscape. Serious Tiny.

  1. SL Scheibe

    Ha! What a cool hat! the best of both worlds – awesome hats and cute cityscapes. Love her funky purple hair too. And the cute bunny :)

  2. laurie

    I admire anyone who can paint tiny!! I find it such a challenge, what a beautiful creation, yes yes I see the bunny!! Beautifully done!

  3. AnnD

    CindyD, you may have out-tinied yourself. Truly. Tiny things are TEEEEEEENY tiny! Holy details, Batman!

    (For the record, I don’t think my pen goes that small. You know how in Spinal Tap, this one goes to 11? I think your pen goes to -15. Mine goes to 2. You will have to show me how you do this work one day!)

    Also, in case I haven’t been clear, this is awesome.

    ALSO, the hat even has amazing, tiny details under the bill. Hello?! Where is this hat shop, and how do I get there???

  4. Jo

    Your style is so unique, full of detail. Great imagination! And I can so imagine someone wearing one of those hats!!

  5. Ruth Hayes

    I’m glad her hat sort of matches her hair color. I didn’t see the bunny until you mentioned it. He must be shy to be facing the other way.

  6. Minnemie

    Oh how fun to combine the tiny architecture with the hats! I like the glimpse into your WIP’s… I feel a little (ok maybe a lot) like that first one with the glasses today! Her spectacles double as “Tired-eye-openers” if you ask me;-) Excellent expression. Excellent sketches!

  7. Leslie White

    I pulled out a ruler tonight and looked at what 2.5×3.5 looks like. There is no way I could get this detail in that tiny space and not go cross eyed. These trading cards amaze me.

  8. bella sinclair

    Well, of course. I thought all top hats had resident bunnies. No? So fantastic. I love the mailbox! I need to send mail there.

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