Three Cats and a Bontebok, Totally Fancy

Three Cats and a Bontebok
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liner, gel pens

Pierre Gruyere, Ragdoll Prince with Royal Ward, and Duchess Bontebok. I may need to dial back on the ruffs. Sometimes they come out much better than other times! But I do not feel the same about the snood (the hairnet kinda thing on the Duchess). Partly because it’s called a SNOOD. Next time perhaps there’ll be a wimple!

Lots of progress pics! I’ve been asked several times how I do the slideshows. It is a free* WordPress plugin called “Portfolio Slideshow”.  I have been using it for almost two years and I like it. Though I’ve been thinking I should do a video.

(Bontebok reference photo.) Thanks for dropping in!

[portfolio_slideshow size=”large”]

*Of course if you find a plugin useful, it sure is nice to give them a donation.

16 thoughts on “Three Cats and a Bontebok, Totally Fancy

  1. AnnD

    I’m so deeply in love with your fancy dress cards that I hereby declare you must NEVER STOP! Not ever. Also, I am bossy. :D

    That royal ward is 600 kinds of adorable. The Prince seems *just* to be containing his irritation, and the ward, meanwhile, has so much more in store!

    I had never even heard of a bontebok, but now that I have, I also decree (so bossy) that they should always wear snoods. Watching the snood evolve was my favorite part of the progress pics this time. Also, how did you do the bontebok background?! It’s amazing! It’s in perfect contrast with all of the carefully ordered details of the outfit (like horn rings! and the snood! and the ruff! and the jewels!).

    Fancy dress forever!

    Your pal,

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Well, I did wonder if I might be getting tired of the fancy dress but snoods are really something. Snoods, wimples! Doublets, Tudor hats. Yes, I think more fancy. :D

  2. minnemie

    A bontebok! When I saw that, I could not wait for the page to load! What on earth led you to a bontebok? I love it! I so miss the Southern African antelope… First time I encounter one with a SNOOD, though:-) Honestly, Cindy, where do you dig these things and names up? You never cease to make me smile:-)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I’ll tell you what led me to a bontebok. It was Pinterest, and I was looking at either ungulates (another great word! Basically includes all hooved animals), or antelope. Because I thought I must do an antelope of some sort in fancy clothes. I may do a Jackon’s Haartebeest next. You will not believe that thing!

  3. David Jernigan

    Cindy, I always love the details on your Renaissance costumes and the textures you use in your backgrounds. I like the regal cats and the upper class gazelle (is it a gazelle?).

  4. clara nilles

    Love those ruffles….and new words….snood and wimple….I actually looked them up! THese are so fancy, creative, and elegant! Keep them coming!
    BTW – where is your portfolio slideshow? I haven’t seen on your blog……

  5. denthe

    I thought the Bontebok was a fantasy-creature of you, until I saw the link to its picture. I love it how you use real animals and dress them up. Your middle cat reminds me of Garfield ….

  6. Leslie White

    Your felines amaze me. I think cats are one of the most difficult subjects to capture. Your cat creations have always gotten my attention, Cindy. I really like the skinny faced one on the right in this collection.

  7. joyee

    Wonderful creations! Love all the intricate detail work. It is always a joy strolling by your blog! Keep the good work up!

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