Hoof and Paw, the Fancy Marches On

Julian Jean-Pierre and Jacques Lapinbleu
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

The topic is “Vanity” at Illustration Friday, a word that will occasionally describe both Julian Jean-Pierre and Jacques Lapinbleu (above). I mean, with those kind of names, it’s a little hard to avoid.

The bunny got a bit overdone. Hence the lots of progress pics – many trying to correct problems! Thanks for stopping in!

Jackon’s Haartebeest reference photo.

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15 thoughts on “Hoof and Paw, the Fancy Marches On

  1. Susan

    Julian and Jacques are quite seductive. One can tell they are sure they are the cats meow. I love you work and know how long it takes to do such pen and ink drawings and paintings. Great that you post progress pics.

  2. AnnD

    Bwahahahaha! Jacques Lapinbleu has the best teeth. I’m a little concerned that someone slipped a hallucinogenic into his breakfast cereal, though, because he looks thoroughly shocked by whatever he is seeing through those fantastically detailed glasses! His collar doings are perhaps my favorite. It’s like he’s rocking a scarf AND a cravat.

    Julian looks like he might be a little vain more often than occasionally – or perhaps better said, he has very erect and precise carriage for someone who is not vain all the time. Love his ruff! (Of course.)

  3. SL Scheibe

    I was just thinking about how fancy this pair were when I read your description. Ha! How cool they look in their fancy duds, but they already know that. Super details as always and I really love their names :)

  4. bella sinclair

    I knew Vanity would be a perfect word for your fancy dress friends! These guys are psychedelic and awesome. I would love to see you do one of those big giant cow statues, or elephants, or whatever animal. You know, like they had in display in certain cities a few years back. How fabulous yours would be!

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