People of the Garden Art Cards

Three People of the Garden
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ pen and marker

1. The elusive cow snail, a tiny gentle creature rumored to appear during the summer solstice.
2. Roger, a Beetle Liaison. It’s a posh appointment – he spends a lot of time in fancy drawing rooms eating finger foods.
3. And a mushroom sprite. Her name is Angela.

Hello, Paint Party Friday! (a wee bit late) These cards were made for a People of the Garden Swap at Thanks for stopping in!

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16 thoughts on “People of the Garden Art Cards

  1. denthe

    Your imagination is unbelievable! You should write and illustrate books … Love Roger and his long nose and chiselled face :-)

  2. AnnD

    Is it wrong that I want a cow snail for a pet? Okay, technically, I don’t really – I want THAT cow snail as a pet. It is ADORABLE!

    Also, I’ve started a new game when I look at your progress pics. It’s called Guess the Copic. LOL. I’m sure I’m mostly wrong, but it’s still fun to play. :D

  3. sandeeNC

    How creative, and I love the little stories that go along with each one! Linking up with Paint Party Friday waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  4. hedwig

    Oh, these are great! New characters! I like the open air background. Gives a very different atmosphere, more like illustrations that go with a story. And a real outside feeling!

  5. Rita Barton

    Oh Cindy, I love these. Little garden creatures are so cute. I actually watch Tinkerbell movies with my daughter because I think the little fairies and the cute way animators incorporate the real sized garden into fairy things is so darn charming. Lovely work!

  6. Elena Caravela

    So good Cindy! REally imaginative and chock full of personality. Rodger is especially wonderful:)

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