There Goes the Neighborhood!

Four Little Houses
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

So WordPress (or my theme or a widget or I don’t know what) has decided to stop informing me when my blog gets a comment! I hope not to miss any but I may miss some. I mean, I won’t miss them forever, but I might miss them longer than intended.

The pair of houses at the top are named Lucy and Ethel. The architect’s signature, when building two houses on adjoining lots, was to name them after sweet memories from his childhood.

A bit of perspective on those left houses. Terrible perspective! But perspective nonetheless. I don’t mind that it’s terrible. I mean, I would prefer to know how to do it better, but one must start somewhere.

Hello to Paint Party Friday! Thanks to everyone for dropping in! I have a new shop!

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21 thoughts on “There Goes the Neighborhood!

  1. Elena Caravela

    I’d live in any one of those houses, in a heartbeat! In fact, my house looks a lot like Ethyl:)

  2. clara n.

    Adorable chalets, carriage cots, and shanties……certainly gives the word “lean-to” more meaning. I love the details; cobblestones, potted plants, mini gazebo and widow’s walk…….where in the world do you come up with your ideas and inspirations!

  3. Faye

    Love the whimsical houses. You are so clever. Yahoo has changed its policy and perhaps the others have too. Most of my email nowadays is refused mail. I leave comments, but the artists are not notified by email any more. Some are but most aren’t. It is very frustrating. I have gone to every link Yahoo has sent me to but I don’t understand if there is a way for an individual to fix this or not.

  4. Gina Sismilich

    I love everything about your whimsical houses. The shapes, the colors, the fabulous details and the sweet wonkiness!!! I am not sure you want perfect perspective with them – and you are right we all have to start somewhere.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Ah, sorry to hear about the commenting trouble! You succeeded! Thank you kindly. :)

  5. AnnD

    Ack! It sucks that you’re not being notified about comments anymore! That requires either obsessive checking or inadvertent missing of comments, neither of which is terribly appealing!

    Lucy and Ethel are fantastic, but perspective is difficult! People who have mastered it make it look far simpler than it is for new initiates. Jason always has to help me remember which lines go to which points. (Ugh. I hate bothering him for the 12th time to ask, too.) The little cupola (?) on Lucy is adorable, and I love the colors! And the red fence in the background! So utterly charming! <3

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