Blue Buckskin Pony, Copic Markers


Buckskin Blue, 5″ x 7″
Copic markers, Prismacolor, Staedtler, Uni and Signo fine liners

I like the name Buckskin Blue, but originally I called this one the Festival Pony. (Please tell me if you have a strong preference one way or the other!) :)

As I mentioned previously, I am going to have a table at a small fantasy convention in November, which may help explain all the horns and bright colors. Perhaps it should have been called The Season of the Magical Horse!

Season of the Horse, the first six 5″ x 7″
Copic markers, pen and ink

Maybe you’re wondering, when will she get to like, a leg? A body? Aaaaaah, I don’t know! Soon.

Reference horse for Buckskin Blue.

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13 thoughts on “Blue Buckskin Pony, Copic Markers

  1. AnnD

    Oh, Buckskin Blue is definitely the name to keep! You did a fantastic job working from the reference photo and then taking off from there into the realm of fantasy. I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I love the sort of floating (that is, non-continuous) stripes on the neck! So clever and arresting! The eye is just unbelievably great, as is the muzzle.

    The legs & other parts will come when they are ready to come! :D

  2. clara

    I love the colors! The gradient background and on the horse is fabulous. Her markings reminds me of an Indian War pony……ready to go to battle…..nice work!

  3. Beth

    What beautiful work you do! These just fill my eyes to the brim–which is the greatest compliment I can give. The detail and coloring–the beautiful look in those big soft eyes–wonderful!

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