More Smoking Fish. In Clothes, with Pipes.

The Smoking Fish Banner
Copic marker art, arranged digitally

Blue jeans. Victorian ruff. Kilt. Tuxedo pants. Did you wonder if they were stylish? They are so stylish!

It’s Version 1 of a new Facebook banner for the band The Smoking Fish.  I may try to increase the size of the text but with my unpracticed Photoshop Elements skills, the digital part of this took ages and I figure I’d give it a rest for the moment. (The slideshow below has more close-ups of the drawings.)

You may have been following the smoking fish illustrations on my Facebook page. (Or, you could!) I do put a bit more art up there. I’m also still updating Flickr. My Tumblr and DeviantArt pages are ancient history. I think with blog-Facebook-Flickr, three is my maximum. I don’t have time for more, holy cow!

Thanks for dropping in! Boatload of progress pics below (though none of the digital part – maybe next time.)

[portfolio_slideshow size =”large”]


12 thoughts on “More Smoking Fish. In Clothes, with Pipes.

  1. Gay McKinnon

    I love it, too. Wow, girl, you are really smoking! I see you have advanced hugely with Photoshop, even though you think you haven’t. In a few more months you will be amazed at what you can do quickly and easily. More importantly I think this has such lovely, delicate colours and shapes and patterns and the lettering is beautiful. And thanks for dropping by my poor abandoned blog. I’ve just been busy with art projects, our spring garden, travel and life in general.

  2. clara

    Wow…..that is a smokin banner!!

    I especially like the off center typography, the wacky characters, and the pinstripe background!! Gives it a bit of the Swinging Old Time Band feel from the Roaring 1930’s. Just fantastic! Maybe add a swordfish with a big sword?

    I know what you mean bout too much social media. Can barely keep up with my FB, Blogger, and Pinterest……

  3. AnnD

    This is fantastic! I hope the band loves it as much as the rest of us! The font is stellar, and the overall design makes me very happy! Go you with the super-stylish smoking fish!

  4. Sal Scheibe

    These fish look amazing, Cindy! I saw them on iATCs and fell in love with them immediately! And I don’t even like fish, lol. But these guys are awesome with their outfits and posh pipes. So cool!

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