Otherworldly Equines with Serious Ears

The Solstice Foal, 5″ x 7″
Copic markers, Staedtler and Prismacolor fine liners, gel pen

The Season of the Horse continues in fine form. Though, a very few attempts at  a whole horse body have been feeble at best. One of these days!

Guardian of the Glade, 5″ x 7″
Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Reference donkey. (I usually use a photo as a very general guide. The final product is not meant to look like the photo. I think most people know that!) I had trouble with the fuzzy ears, probably needs more shadow. Will need to do more of those.

Both of these have bits of wonky perspective, but overall they are rather happy magical equines. Happy Paint Party Friday to folks visiting from there! Loads of progress pics. Thanks for stopping by!

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22 thoughts on “Otherworldly Equines with Serious Ears

  1. Giggles

    Wonderful…I’d never noticed you had trouble with fuzzy ears until I focused on them!! On the whole they are both beautiful! Thanks for sharing your aches and pains along the way along with your process!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Elena Caravela

    Loving these horses and donkey! You must have a soft spot for these beautiful creatures, because it’s coming through:)

  3. Nicole/Beadwright

    Hi Cindy. I can’t imagine your beautiful art coming out as the photo. LOL your style and technique is so rare and unexpected. Your art pulls the viewer in and makes people happy.
    Love your art

  4. AnnD

    “Reference donkey.” Hahahaha.

    Do you know who sails by with fuzzy ears? Aliens. Fuzzy ears are hard to do! I have not yet cracked that code myself. Then again, I am not an alien, so this is all making sense.

    You are so fabulously creative, and what I adore is that you push yourself, all the time, to get better and better. You are kind of my self-improvement idol.

    And I love these cards! Magical is exactly right!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you, AnnD! Your title of best commenter is still firmly cemented. As I have often said, while I do have a full-time job, I do not have kids, so I think I have more time than a lot of people to spend on art, and that’s where most of it is spent. :)

      Thank you so much to all for the wonderful comments! They are all very appreciated!

  5. Mom

    Never mind the “fuzzy” ears-the art work is so detailed it was never noted until you said so! The horse & donkey are beautiful!! XO Mom

  6. Pauline Leger

    OMG, your illustrations are awesome! Found you via PPF. Colours, patterns, love everything. You may not know this, but I am the queen of swirls and dots, so I immediately fell in love with your style. ;-) Beautiful artwork. I’ll be back! xx

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