Post 300, Themes and Schemes in Pen & Ink

The Smoking Fish, model #1
5″ x 7″ Copic markers, digital background

Themes I’ve been working on recently:

Here’s¬†another witch, somewhat mummified.

The Ritual of Josephin, in progress
2.5″ x 3.5″ ink, markers, prismacolor pencil

Thanks for dropping in! Woooo, 300 posts!

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11 thoughts on “Post 300, Themes and Schemes in Pen & Ink

  1. clara

    WOW Cindy…….I love the fish…..and the change in background. The fish is really unusual…..his scales seems to pop…….he’s my new favorite!

  2. Leslie White

    I like the colors you have chosen for the fish. You have also given him quite a bit of character. I see a lot of a portly old man in this. The witch? Definitely achieved your goal of creepy Halloween. :)

  3. Mom

    You never seem not to amuse & amaze us!! The fish is a handsome “Guy” & of course the “Witch with Halloween approaching! XO Mom

  4. minnemie

    That fish is priceless! He pops on that background… and the subtle smoke is so well done:-)

  5. AnnD

    As one of those people who digs the dark and creepy, I salute ALL of your themes! Because let’s be honest. That fish didn’t take up smoking because he was having a nice, relaxing life. No! Something happened to him! Just look into his glorious eye – he is so pretty and colorful that I’m pretty sure he’s been chased up one end of the Atlantic and down the other by giant predators!

    (Frankly, though, that might not be his story, and even if it isn’t, I want him to keep smoking, because he looks awesome doing it. Also, his smoke is pretend, so he can’t get fishlip cancer. Yay.)

    ((Also, I have complimented these cards elsewhere, but just so everyone else is clear: I adore these artses!))

  6. Carol King

    You constantly amaze me with your creativity! I love the fish and the mummy witch. (Sorry I haven’t been by that often, work has been super busy.)

  7. Ruth Hayes

    Congratulations on 300 posts. That is a lot of work. Mr. Fish looks rather stern with his smoking pipe.

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