I’ve been told one drawback to using a huge service like WordPress is – easier to get hacked. Which is what happened Saturday, October 25th!

I am supremely lucky in that I live with a computer programmer who was able to remove the offending material – which is not worth identifying – and put my site back up. However, many uploaded images were lost – looks like the last couple months – and I will be working on fixing the posts as I can.

Yikes! Thank you kindly to all who visit and a special thanks for all the great comments!

5 thoughts on “Hacked.

  1. David Jernigan

    Cindy, sorry to hear that happened to you. I would be upset if someone hacked my blog. It is a great invasion of your personal creative space. Years ago, someone hacked my twitter account and posted some strange nonsensical tweets. I did not enjoy having to fix that problem. Hope everything is back to normal at the Slumbering Herd.

  2. clara

    Cindy…..so sorry for this……was visiting your blog (I visit at least every couple days) and shocked to see no images there…..hope this gets resolved soon!

  3. Ruth Hayes

    Oh, no!! I’m glad you were able to get up and running again. It will be a lot of work to repair your posts.

  4. Susan Medyn

    That is totally awful. Did you also report to WordPress? I just wondered as I use them too. Thankfully you live with a programmer but I am so sorry. A terrible violation! And the work it must have been for you. Again so sorry.

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