Tiny Halloween Art. Early. In Ink.

So here it is more than ten days since my last post. Here is what I have been doing: Doodling Halloween art cards and watching (or listening to, mainly) Project Runway Australia (available on YouTube)! My day job has been totally draining. Also, I should eat more broccoli.

Anyway! Here are some of those tiny Halloween thingers I mentioned!

Halloween Themed ATCs
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ pen and ink, Copic markers, gel pen

At the top left is Glum Nevin. Whether glum because he’s been forced to wear a demon suit, or because he is a young demon who has just been told he must empty the dishwasher, I do not know.

Hello to Paint Party Friday! And thanks for dropping in!

p.s. I got hacked Oct 25! I had to take the progress photos gallery down because all the images were deleted. Alas!

27 thoughts on “Tiny Halloween Art. Early. In Ink.

  1. Marji

    Wow, love the Halloween thingers! So incredibly fun and ready for next week. We all need to eat more broccoli, so you are not alone :) M.x

  2. Helen Campbell

    I love your doodled Halloween spookies! The pumpkin in the top row with the face peering out is too cool! As is Glum Nevin. How fun to see the progression of details being added.
    Happy PPF!

  3. Nic McLean

    These are brilliant! I love the colours you’ve used that are halloweeny without being the usual orange and black. Really detailed to for such tiny work!

  4. EmmaK

    Your Halloween art cards are marvelous. I love that grumpy looking guy who seems to be trapped inside a pumpkin for eternity. Happy spooky PPF!

  5. Erika N

    Great Halloween art. The cranky looking devil is my favorite. Reminds me of someone that couldn’t pick out their own costume and had to use a hand-me-down, much tot heir dismay!

  6. Giggles

    You are such an amazing artist and these are fabulous!! I have been craving broccoli lately! Happy Halloween in case you’re not back next friday!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Laila

    Such beautiful art pieces. I especially love the lower left one with the cute little hat. And look at all the lovely details and patterns. really beautiful.

  8. Mom

    What amazing Critters that had been for Halloween-hope all is somewhere with my favorites (which I haven’t
    found yet :) Mom

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