Prismacolor Pencils, Back in Action

Legend of the Sleeping Tiger
5″ x 7″ Prismacolor pencils, Copics, Staedtler Triplus fineliners, Signo gel pen

Let me first say I still have my set of Prismacolor pencils from high school circa *cough* 1987. I was a big fan back then, but as you may recall, I abandoned the art for a couple decades (not recommended). I have since read (somewhere?) that the Prismacolor brand has gone downhill due to new owners, but I can neither confirm nor deny this item.

The tiger was done in new Prismacolors, because I bought a handful of warm bright colors (and b&w) for an experiment a couple months ago before digging through moving boxes for my old (battered) set. I think the color is quite nice, though I will confirm my black tip broke off shortly after being sharpened. Hmm.

I left the sketch alone for a while because I really liked it and didn’t want to mess with it! But I was inspired in part by meeting Diana Harlan Stein this weekend at Windycon and I finished this Sunday night after it ended. More about how that went next time. :)

Thanks for dropping in! I hope to get back to a regular schedule, and visit folks back properly, soon.

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12 thoughts on “Prismacolor Pencils, Back in Action

  1. Mom

    Thought I answered one before saying “He must have been sleeping a long time to have so many mushrooms grow on his back. He is a cutie with or without!! OX Mom

  2. Ann D'Angelo

    He is absolutely magnificent! The first time I looked at it, I was so dazzled by the tiger and the spectacular mushrooms that I failed to appreciate (or even notice) the phenomenally intricate details in the background. The delicate lines there – and the shadows thrown by the tiger – give the whole piece a really serene feeling. It’s magical!

  3. Ruth Hayes

    I love the sleeping tiger. I, too, have materials from high school. My mother purchased a set of 72 Faber Castell pasels for me and I still use them. (dare I say 40+ Dears ago?) I could hardly afford that set now. LOL

  4. Denise

    A new trend in colour pencils maybe….???? Or just a twist of a idea. Adore your stories and how you take us all on the journey of creating.

  5. hedwig

    Great cat!!! I love the radiant colors. That tiger has some very colorful dreams or the mushrooms are magical mushrooms. They are so colorful, they look like little lanterns.

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