Legend of the Sleeping Tiger, Pencil Sketch

Legend of the Sleeping Tiger
5″ x 7″ pencil sketch

The above is the second in a long-sleeping feline collection. (Ok, it’s only two, but it could eventually be a collection. )The first is a sleeping kitten, also covered in mushrooms (I’ll post that one next time, or maybe you saw it on my Facebook page). Here is the tiger reference image.

I have finally replaced the main images for Sept/Oct 2014 posts, but not the progress pics (except for Lulu). As mentioned previously, there will be more! (If you’re just tuning in, I got hacked at the end of October and lost all the blog images from those months.)

Thanks so much for dropping in! I’ve been busy preparing for WindyCon in Lombard, Illinois this coming weekend. I have done craft shows in the past (ages ago!) but really nothing like this. So, lots of stuff to do! Hopefully I’ll do more after this one, particularly with so much of the initial setup work already done. More on all this business next time!

Thanks for dropping in!

12 thoughts on “Legend of the Sleeping Tiger, Pencil Sketch

  1. nini

    Whoa, you got hacked? OMG…. terrible.

    I still loveloveloooove this sleeping tiger and I’m really interested in how you’ll finish him off.
    All the best with the fair!

  2. Carol King

    Sorry, I haven’t been able to comment on your blog. For some reason it won’t let me. I hope I can now. I like your sleeping tiger…and only you would put mushrooms on him. Can’t wait to see the next steps.

  3. denthe

    Oh no, that sounds terrible! Losing all your blog images! I sure hope you had some backups…. Your cat looks so peaceful underneath the mushrooms … ;-)

  4. Elena Caravela

    I love the idea of sleepy felines for a series! This guy is a great start. Best of luck at WindyCon!

  5. Mom

    We wish you the best & lots of fun @ the convention! The Kitty must have been asleep a long time to have so many mushrooms adjoined to her-him. (As you must see) I decided to start from the latest posts to catch up with the ones that were “Here” when our computer wasn’t “behaving!! OX :) Mom

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