Edwin, A Curious Fellow Built with Acrylics

Edwin, Day One & Day Two
5″ x 7″ Acrylics

Spending more time on a painting almost always improves it . I know this is not true for everyone! But so far it is true for me, and my novice attempts at acrylics!

In this case, I almost stopped after the first day, mainly because I am trying to finish 30 Paintings in 30 Days, but also because I wasn’t sure this was going anywhere and I thought I’d try something else. [As for 30 Paintings, I am totally considering this two paintings (9 & 10). I do not believeĀ I will beĀ fined for this offense – much less prosecuted. Wait. Who is in charge of this jurisdiction?]

Edwin here could stand a bit of evening of the eye ridges, but as the only one of his kind, one could hardly tell him his eye ridges aren’t properly aligned. Perhaps there is a very good reason for him to look precisely how he looks!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy January! Hello to Paint Party Friday!

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15 thoughts on “Edwin, A Curious Fellow Built with Acrylics

  1. Sal Scheibe

    Edwin is super adorable, Cindy! He has super eyes with lots of soul. And he’s purple! I also think day two made all of the difference. He was good before but coming back and adding more took him to a whole new level. He’s wonderful :)

  2. Tammie Dickerson

    SO cute! I, too, am doing the 30 in 30! I first started with the January 2013 challenge, and I have not stopped since! It sure has become a habit for me after 744 days! Hang in there, it gets easier and easier, and soon you won’t be able to stop :)

  3. Leslie White

    Edwin is cool. I am enjoying your journey into acrylics. I could never paint 30 paintings in 30 days. It would just plain bum me out. I enjoy the process too much to have to speed it up. Good for you, Cindy, for trying, though!

  4. Ilona

    Edwin looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing the process photos!
    It’s true that we grow in our abilities, if we are ready to learn from the things we see around us, while we do, what we do!
    Happy PPF

  5. minnemie

    Oh, how have I missed all these acrylics of yours? Whoo-hoo for your fun creature in acrylics:-) Keep going!

  6. rose

    Edwin is not only curious, he is charming too! I love the progression of his creation, and how your pushed through (as they say). Thanks for sharing that with us all!

  7. Ruth Hayes

    Edwin’s eye ridges are part of his character. I like what you did for the background. The trick to adding more is to know when to stop. Sometimes the last 10 minutes takes 20 to decide.

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