Well Hello There, November

Wow, two months since my last post! I believe that is the longest I have gone since the first one back in May, 2011. If you’ve come to visit, welcome! If you’ve come BACK to visit, welcome and thank you!

Most recently, over at the trading site illustratedatcs.com, I’ve been doing tons of Halloween-themed art cards. Some of my faves:

Six Halloween Art Cards Pen, Pencil, Copic markers, gel pen

Six Halloween Art Cards, each 2.5″ x 3.5″
Pen, Pencil, Copic markers, gel pen

House listing:  Quaint fixer-upper in quiet neighborhood with the occasional homicidal ghost.

Also a little bare-breasted ghost, a dragon in mostly pen and pencil, a magic amulet, a scarecrow, and a teeny pumpkin house with some potted candy corn flowers. Sounds like Halloween to me! Mostly cute Halloween, admittedly.

So last time I was hinting about writing a book. I have not forgotten. Or gotten very far. Lots of life goes on while one is trying to, you know, do stuff. On the other hand, I have some new ideas! We’ll have to see how it goes. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy November!

6 thoughts on “Well Hello There, November

  1. MOM

    Hope you had a happy Halloween! Don’t know about your little naked ghost! & no doubt the book will be started when you are ready!! OX OX Mom PS Stanley likes the Amulet the most!!

  2. Katie Hone

    Yay you’re back :D I see your art all the time on illustrated atcs but it’s nice to hear your thoughts on the whole thing. Congratulations on completing Drawlloween I am particularly fond of your pumpkin house, but that first spooky house is brilliant too! Happy Halloween and may there be more madness next year!

    Also a book? oooooh that sounds exciting!

  3. Elena Caravela

    I missed these guys. Although it is now December, I’m glad I got to enjoy them. Pretty scary in an adorable way:)

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